Fallout 76 Beta Will Be The Full Game And Progress Can Be Carried Over

Bethesda has added some additional details to the FAQ of the upcoming beta for Fallout 76. Previously they already released a bunch of information but have now added some more to it. Most notably is the fact that the beta will be the full game and that progress will carry over when the full game is launched.

This fact is huge as it essentially means that you will be able to start the full version of the game a month before the actual launch of the game. As previously reported, the only thing you have to do in order to get access to the beta is to preorder the game. The beta invites will be sent out in waves which means that you might have to wait a bit longer than other people but as long as your preordered you will be able to get into the beta. Now, as it turns out, preordering the game now potentially means playing the game a full month before its official release.

What we will exactly see in the demo is still uncertain of course, but I expect it will mostly be similar to the official final game. However, we don’t know what we can exactly expect from the final product either so who knows how it will be. The beta is prone to crashes and other bugs though as obviously it’s still the beta version of the game. Bethesda has said in the FAQ that there will be a feedback system directly incorporated in the game so if you come across any sort of bug be sure to report it right away.

As a bonus for content creators, Bethesda has stated that there won’t be any NDA in the game so content creators are free to stream, make videos, or share screenshots on the internet. I expect to see a lot of streamers playing the game as soon as the beta is live so be sure to be on the lookout for any cool streams if you’re still unsure whether you like the game or not.

Lastly, the game will beta will go live in October on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, to preorder it for PC, you have to order the game via the Bethesda website itself as it won’t be available for preorder on Steam. More details on how to preorder the game can be found here.

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