Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Focused Nintendo Direct Live On August 8

Nintendo has announced that they will hold a Nintendo Direct on August 8 that will be entirely focused on the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title. They made the announcement through their social media accounts.

Be sure to figure out at what time the live stream will start where you live. However, don’t fret if you miss the live stream itself as they are always put on YouTube afterwards so that you can rewatch it at your own leisure.


It will be exciting to see more information on the new Super Smash Bros although we really wonder what kind of information they will reveal. The game was first announced in March with a short teaser in a Nintendo Direct but got really into the spotlight during E3. A large chunk of the E3 presentation was dedicated to the new Super Smash Bros game, taking up about 25 minutes. During this presentation, they revealed that all characters will be present in the game and gave us some information on new mechanics and features that have been implemented as well. This leaves us with the question, what do they still have left to reveal?


I highly doubt that we will see new characters revealed as they have already revealed some new characters during the E3 stream. I also don’t expect Waluigi to be changed to a playable character so maybe don’t get your hopes up. What we might see is a deeper look into the different game modes that Ultimate will have to offer. Most Super Smash Bros games are packed with game modes that differ greatly from the standard fighting game mode. We might also get a better look at new or returning stages, although a lot of these have already been revealed throughout the various trailers that we got.

Although it’s uncertain what they reveal, it’s fantastic to be able to hype up another Smash game. They are often one of the best games that come out on their respective consoles. Waiting for a Smash Bros game is essentially waiting for a game you know you’re going to love.

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