Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Brings More Than Just Multiplayer

Stardew Valley has steadily worked itself in the hearts of many people over the years but had previously always been lacking regarding multiplayer features. The game only received a multiplayer open beta at the end of April. However, now that the multiplayer is properly tested it has been fully released in a new update together with a bunch of other awesome features.

The multiplayer is probably remaining largely the same. The multiplayer function allows you to play with up to 3 players. Every play will receive his own house on the host player’s farm. The multiplayer is definitely focused on playing co-operatively to make the entire experience peaceful and friendly, just like Stardew Valley itself. Whatever you decide with your friends, the game leaves almost everything open to you, just like we’re used to with this title. You can even decide to marry the person that you’re playing together with.

Besides this new functions though, almost nothing in the game changed drastically. All the fishing, farming, mining, and collecting has stayed the same except that you can now do a lot more during a day as you’re simply with more people. The state of the game is shared between all players although the relationships that players have with other people in the game can be completely different. All players also have to be in bed at the same time in order for the day to end.

The new update also brought a whole bunch of cool new things to the game. The biggest thing released with this update is the addition of a new festival during the winter. Unlike other festivals in the game, however, this festival takes place for a total of 3 days and players can decide when to come or go. At this festival, you will be able to purchase rare and unique items, buy art, and enjoy live entertainment.

The new update also brings signs that people can put in front of their houses, new decorations, moveable fireplaces, new enemies, new character events, and the ability to change professions. You will also be able to build the new auto-grabber machine which will automatically harvest wool and milk from your cattle. However, in my opinion, the biggest update to the game is that you will be able to outfit your horse with a fancy hat.

For more details on everything that the update brings to the game, read the full blog post here.

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