6 Trailers Released Last Week You May Have Missed

6 Trailers Released Last Week You May Have Missed

As we pass the mid-summer mark, you’d be forgiven for thinking gaming has died down for a few months after the high of E3 and the flurry of early-autumn releases. In reality, publishers and developers are just as busy releasing titles. Here are 6 trailers released last week you may have missed.

The Occupation

This one has probably gone over the heads of most gamers, but may very well be a gem in the making. With Bioshock, We Happy Few, and The Stanley Parable vibes coursing through the trailer, The Occupation is set to be a detective thriller centered around the strange events of one murderous night.

Banner Saga 3

If you’ve yet to play developer Stoic’s harrowing turn-based RPG strategy series Banner Saga, then the release of the final entry in the trilogy is as good a time as any to get involved. Horned vikings, mythical creatures, caravan management, and a deep fighting system that pales only when compared to the narrative prowess conjured up.

The Sojourn

Another intriguing entry, The Sojourn is a first person puzzle game revolving around the age-old narrative of good and evil in a land that belies a swelling darkness with a beautiful exterior. Atmospheric and enchanting, the aesthetic alone means The Sojourn will be worth keeping on eye on.

NHL 19

Sports games incorporating elaborate career modes has become somewhat of a trend with EA pretty much applying the same brush to all its flagships titles (FIFA, NBA 2K etc.). NHL has received very much the same treatment as you’ll see from the trailer though the staged progression system and ability to play online arcade-style games is a welcome addition.

Earth Defense Force 5

Like pulled from the nightmares of an epileptic dreamer, the trailer for Earth Defense Force 5 is more dumbfounding than anything else. Fans will revel at the chance to unceremoniously blast their way through countless of waves of invading alien bugs though we can help thinking this is very much an acquired taste rather than a must have.

Hungry Shark World

A side scrolling shark platformer? It’s difficult to describe this one accurately. Definitely looks like a lot of fun though nabbing humans and gathering collectibles in a variety of underwater and above ground levels. The shark will also be customizable and intent of waging war against other sea creatures as well. The zany ambience suggests a lighthearted title good for some much needed no stress distraction.

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