Smoothie Explains Why He Left Cloud 9 For Echo Fox

Echo Fox has made some serious changes in the middle of the summer split, however, the spotlight is definitely on Smoothie as he has just joined the team. He came over from Cloud 9 where he was previously benched and the transition has left a lot of fans pretty angry. He has now released a statement on Twitlonger in which he explains why he joined Echo Fox and clears up some rumors.

The first thing that Smoothie clears up in his statement is that it was ultimately his choice to changes teams. He also states that he is definitely still motivated to play. Most people thought that he lacked the motivation to play since Cloud 9 stated that he was benched for this reason in particular. According to him, the reason that he was benched wasn’t due to his motivation, but rather that he was not synergizing with the team very well anymore.

He spoke a lot while playing games but the other members on the team also wanted to have a part in the shot-calling process, leading to some conflict. He expands on this by saying that he used to always be confident in the calls that he made, but that changed drastically when Riot decided to completely change the meta. Due to a lack of understanding of the new meta and champions, he wasn’t able to make proper calls anymore which led him to be benched.

He closes his statement by saying that he thinks nobody is ultimately at fault. Things changed and now he just has to work hard to adapt to these changes. He says that understands that fans might feel disappointed that he has left Cloud 9, especially after playing with them for 2 years. However, it was his choice to leave so angry fans have no reason to hate Cloud 9 or Echo Fox.

Since Smoothie hasn’t been playing on Cloud 9 since the start of the split, the impact of him leaving the team will be next to nothing. For Echo Fox thing might change drastically though. Having an experienced support like Smoothie on the team could improve their shot-calling as well as stop Huni and Dardoch from going off the rails. If Smoothie can bring more consistency to Echo Fox they could become a major contender in the NA LCS playoffs.

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