A Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Will Be Released On September 14th

Nintendo Labo is without a doubt one of the weirdest video game experiences that Nintendo has released. Despite this, the game or experiment has been relatively successful, probably more successful than most people thought it would be. Now Nintendo is releasing a new Nintendo Labo Kit, called the Vehicle Kit.

The Vehicle Kit lets you build a controller for 3 different type of vehicles. A car, an airplane, and a submarine. The car is obviously controlled by a wheel. The airplane is controlled by inserting the joy-con in a joystick-like design. In order to control the submarine, you have to make build something that almost looks like a submarine itself. It comes with one wheel on each side and you have to twist and turn the wheels in order to make the submarine turn or go forward. It seems that all the vehicles will be powered through the use of a gas pedal that we can see in the trailer. According to the website, the gas pedal will contain one of the joy-cons while the other is used for the controllers.

All of the three vehicles also come with some extra functions that can be activated through buttons or handles on the different controllers. For instance, we the car lobbing bombs, the submarine shooting out a harpoon, and the airplane firing missiles. While nothing substantial, it does add for some extra flavor.

In the trailer, we can also see that you can use the vehicle kit to drive through and explore a world. You can transitions instantly between the different vehicles depending on what you feel like or what the situation calls for. All you have to do is transfer the joy-con to the controller for your desired vehicle. From what we can gather in the trailer, the world that you can travel is filled with some fun and interesting content to explore, although it does look a bit barren at some points.

The vehicle kit seems like a fine addition to any household that is a big fan of Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo has sold well to family households and I expect that the Vehicle Kit will do so as well. The new kit will be released on September 14.

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