Fortnite Leak Shows Sniper Rifle That Shoots Through Walls

Fortnite Sniper Shoots through walls

Looks like somebody over at Epic Games is a fan of “Eraser,” the amazing 1996 Arnold Schwarzenneger movie. For those of you who’ve never seen it, you’re missing one of the best action movies of all time. In short, Arnie is a legendary US Marshall in the witness protection program. He ends up having to protect a witness who finds out about an illegal arms deal involving rifles that can scan and shoot through walls. Yeah, that’s what’s coming to Fortnite. A gun that can shoot through walls.

Fortnite Sniper
Arnie dual-wielding rail guns that can shoot through walls.

A recent datamine has shown that a heavy sniper rifle is coming to the game that can shoot opponents through walls. The description noted on indicates the following: “Heavy. Powerful and accurate rifle with a bolt-action mechanism with an extremely slow reload. Shots pierce through the first wall it hits.” There’s no confirmation on this yet, but it seems the most logical way to incorporate this kind of gun into gameplay is if the gun has a thermal scope. Maybe they’ll provide players with a view similar to the one used in Eraser.

The thermal scope view from Eraser.

A Twitter user who goes by DieBuddies has released an official image of the gun.

Looks a bit like the Eraser one right? Well, regardless of whether or not this is a nod to one of the best Arnie flicks, the new sniper rifle is sure to shake up the Fortnite competitive scene. As a lot of players have begun running a turtle strategy to increase their chances at being the last player standing, this gun will definitely help get them out of hiding.

While Epic Games has yet to release any official statement on the gun, we’ll probably be getting some more news very soon. The Summer Skirmish still has several weeks to it, and given the massive turtling that was seen in week 1’s event, the inclusion of this gun as soon as possible would make a lot of sense. Watching a bunch of players hide in buildings doesn’t make for very entertaining gameplay. This gun would definitely force people to take a more proactive approach towards the remaining tournament events.



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