10 Ways To Trigger The ‘Spoiled Kids’ In League Of Legends

“Spoiled kids” in online games, especially in League of Legends, who are they? They are players with such big egos and tend to talk more than do, they love arguing and blaming more than anything in games. These players have this special ability to annoy both their enemy or teammates to the point they have to take harsh actions, some of which are mentioned below, some are not due to being too brutal.

In the current state of the game, there is this type of bad players in almost every match. This can affect any player’s experience with the game badly and also the game itself.


But what should we do in return? Keep silent? Absolutely not. There are plenty of ways to trigger them. It might sound easy but it does need you to keep a cool head all the time and be sure to keep in mind that you don’t actively do one of these first or else you yourself will be one of those bad guys in other player’s eyes. Check out what these ways are.

1. Remind them that they are talking a lot and are not paying attention to the game, not helping by any means

Effective level: 6/10

2. Brag about your feat (solo kill, outplay …) a bit to make those bad players realize that they are not trying and doing enough for their team or that they are plain bad. Then they will feel bitter and ask themselves questions


Effective level: 6-7/10

3. All Chat: Ez/Easy when you get a kill streak, highlight (dodge attacks, blind skill shots, 1 HP escape …) to trigger them

Effective level: 7/10

4. Mock them when you successfully defend your base or win a combat as an underdog

Effective level: 7/10

5. Chat something incomprehensible at the first glance when you get a kill or manage to outplay enemy to frustrate them even more

Effective level: 7/10

6. Chat “Ping ?” to your bad teammate as a not-so-subtle way to criticize him for questioning you earlier or acting childishly by keep pinging on you for no reason

Effective level: 7/10

7. Chat “/ff ?” when you manage to overturn a big combat. A quite harsh way of expressing your disagreement to their bad actions earlier but if you think they deserve that, do it anyway

Effective level: 8/10

8. Use Taunts and/or Emotes at the right moments

Effective level: 8/10

9. Chat “?” when they act foolishly

Effective level: 9/10

10. Chat “Solo ?”. It works every time, easily the best bait of all time. But if you don’t want any trouble, don’t escalate it any further

Effective level: 10/10

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