Overwatch Wrecking Ball Patch Stirs Up The Entire Game

An enormous patch has just hit Overwatch that will seriously change up the game. The patch includes quite a few buffs but also some nerfs to champions. Furthermore, the patch will give a slight update to Sombra that will change how some of her abilities work and it also marks the official release of Overwatch’s newest champion Wrecking Ball.


Three popular hitscan heroes are receiving a buff to their damage falloff when shooting from a long range. These heroes are Bastion, McCree, and Soldier 76. They have all received the same buff that increases their minimum damage at max range from 30% to 50%. These changes make these heroes much more effective at longer range, giving them more versatility and allowing them to better counter long-range champions like Pharah or Widowmaker. Mei has received a similar buff on her secondary fire, except that the damage falloff has been removed altogether.


Some champions have also received some nerfs that could end up pretty big. One of these heroes is Widowmaker as she now has 50% damage falloff at maximum range to bring her better in line with the other hitscan heroes previously mentioned. This will also ensure that she will be one-shotting a lot fewer heroes while remaining completely out of reach.

Hanzo is getting a nerf that is completely targeted on his Storm Arrows ability that was proven to be powerful to remain unchanged. The duration of the ability has been reduced to last for 5 seconds instead of 6. The cooldown has also be increased to 10 seconds instead of 8. These changes seriously reduce the uptime of the ability, which means that opponents have more time to play around it after Hanzo has used it.

Sombra is getting a slight rework or update. Two of her abilities have been changed in hope to make her a more viable champion. First of all, her Stealth has been changed to last indefinitely although she won’t be able to contest objects anymore and her movement speed while in stealth is down to 50% instead of 70%. The second change is that her Translocator also lasts indefinitely but can now be destroyed by enemy heroes. The radius is also slightly reduced.

Fans have responded quite negatively to the Sombra changes claiming that all she needed was a buff to her primary fire. The argument is made that good Sombra players never had any problem with the short stealth duration as they know when to break stealth. However, inexperienced Sombra players have trouble with deciding when to break stealth, making it last indefinitely will just mean that they end up doing nothing while hiding in the shadows.

This patch is also the official release of Wrecking Ball so anyone that was looking forward to playing as him can do so right now, more information on Wrecking Ball can be found here. The full patch notes can be found here. It will probably bring a new meta to the game making it feel fresh again, perfect for anyone looking to play the game all throughout the summer break.

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