9 Games Coming Out This Week [July 22nd-28th, 2018]

E3 may have come and gone, but there are still hella more games being churned out by the dozen, and it’s getting right chinched up in here! Here’s nine new games coming out this week:

1. Mega Man X Legacy Collection (July 24th)

With VentureBeat calling it ‘the best of the series’, the Mega Man fans amongst you will not be disappointed, as the spit-and-polished compilation of the series’ high points in two parts brings all the 90s-typical fun and excitement of Mega Man to your PC/Switch/PS4/Xbox One. You might want to prepare yourself mentally for the price tag, though: a whopping $439.99.

2. No Man’s Sky (July 24th)

Most of you are familiar with No Man’s Sky by now so I’ll skip the description, but Xbox One users will finally get their hands on this stellar survival sim two full years after it first came out for the PS4 and PC! No word on pricing for the console as of yet, but the PC version is on Steam for $59.99.

3. The Banner Saga 3 (July 24th)

In a world tinged with perpetual snow, follow a mishmash band of Vikings as they explore, encounter, and generally just kick ass and take names. The third installment in the popular Banner Saga series, this turn-based RPG comes out on Windows, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on the 24th, and you can pre-order it now on Steam for $24.99.

4. Train Sim World (July 24th)

Whether you’re just a casual Thomas the Tank Engine viewer or a hardcore trainspotter, Train Sim World’s got something for everybody, whether it’s playing engineer or just doing maintenance the wheels! All aboard July 24th on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, but make sure you “buy a ticket” first for just $34.99 on Steam!

5. Ys: Memories of Celceta (July 25th)

With nothing to your name but your name, wake up in the strange town of Casnan as Adol Christin, a man with no past, and try to remember. Part of the Ys franchise, Memories of Celceta is by default an action RPG, and will be released worldwide for Windows on the 25th, having previously been made available in certain regions only. Get it for $19.99 on Amazon.

6. Sleep Tight (July 26th)

As night falls, so do your chances of survival against the onslaught of bedroom monsters that lurk in the dark. This action strategy indie gem features cutesy graphics and top-down 3D gameplay, and comes out on the 26th for the PC and Switch, retailing for $14.99 on Nintendo’s official web store.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation II (July 26th)

It’s a GUNDAM!!!!… game. Yet another star in the Mobile Suit Gundam constellation, Battle Operation II has dozens of Gundams you can hop into and cause billions of dollars in property damage with. Available on PS4 July 26th from the PlayStation Store for only $27.99.

8. Go Vacation (July 27th)

From the arcade experts at Bandai Namco comes a party game chinched with fun mini-games for your family/friends to enjoy. Divided into four resort zones with mini-games specific to each, the game supports up to four players in a split-screen arrangement. Go Vacation will be released for the very first time on the Switch come July 27th, after languishing in Wii port-over development hell for 7 years! $49.99 on Amazon.

10. Hello Neighbour (July 27th)

Like Neighbours From Hell except much more intense and terrifying, Hello Neighbour features adaptive AI that learns as you play the game and inevitably get caught, and adjusts the neighbour’s actions to catch up with what it predicts to be your next move. Releasing July 27th for the Switch, PS4, iOS and Android, for $29.99 on Steam.

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