Retro Indie RPG CrossCode Will Leave Early Access In September

The developers of a popular indie RPG called CrossCode have finally announced that the game will be leaving early access. After two years of being in early access, the full game will be released in September 2018, although they will announce more details in August. Here is a trailer for the game, but it’s already a year old so might not be fully representative of the final product.

If you have never heard about this game, that is not too surprising. Saying that the game is unknown would be an understatement. However, it has received extremely high ratings on Steam and is relatively popular among fans of indie games. The game is a blast to play so you should probably try it out if you have the chance. Luckily the game has a free demo version that might be able to sway your opinion if you’re still on the fence about it.


Visually, the game defintely took its inspiration from old-school RPGs but has combined this with modern mechanics so that the game will remain fast-paced and fluid instead of becoming extremely clunky. The game has a sci-fi setting instead of a fantasy setting that we normally see with RPGs and has tons of different areas for you to explore. There are plenty of dungeons to discover as well with lots of intricate puzzles to set your mind to work. The game will have a story that’s about 20 hours when playing through the game in an ordinary fashion.


Another aspect as to why the game has a loyal fanbase is because the developers are very involved with the community. They try to keep everyone up to date on what the team is doing and also listen to feedback from the fans. They also have a YouTube channel on which they release tons of videos where they show you the development process of the game in real time. This means that most videos are about 5 hours long. If you’re interested in game development you could check out one or two of them but they take a lot of time to sit through.


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