10 Characters Who Made A Cameo Appearance In Other Games

Today’s video game market is hella different from the days of Pong; in order to sell copies, you need to make your game stand out. Some games elect to do that with crossovers! Whether as an e aster egg or a major part of the game, crossovers are kinda cool because it interconnects games with each other in ways we probably could’ve never imagined before. Now, therefore, let us live and fight for freedom- wait why am I quoting the South African national anthem

-I mean, let’s get to the list.

1. Spider-Man – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

If you’ve ever wondered what good ol’ Peter Parker does in his spare time between freelancing for the Daily Planet and trapping bad guys in giant spider webs, like any self-respecting Noo Yawker, he loves to skate. And skate he can. To be able to play as him, complete the game with a custom skater (all achievements) and watch Spidey hit the concrete.

2. Donkey Kong – Wii Punch-out!

Truly an enemy for which there are scarce win scearios, Donkey Kong is a secret opponent unlockable in Wii Punch-out. While in every other respect Wii Punch-out is like any other old fighting game, if you complete your Title Defence, the Last Stand Mode will unlock, and one of the opponents that are selected at random will be Donkey Kong.

3. Doomguy – Duke Nukem 3D

The old-timers amongst you may remember the glory days of Gearbox Software’s Duke Nukem 3D. If you look in one of the portals to hell, you can find the Marine/Doomguy from Doom, unceremoniously lying on the ground and dead as a dodo, as a sign of the rivalry between the two franchises. Damn, they major jelly.

4. Duke Nukem – Bulletstorm: Full Clip

After having someone else appear on his game, it was time for the Duke to charge headlong into Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, appearing as one of the many playable characters you can choose from.

5. Creepers – Borderlands 2

Uhh, Bill, I think we took a wrong turn in Netherquerque…

Yet another title from Gearbox Software, who decided they didn’t want to miss out on having a unique gimmick for Borderlands 2. So they approached Mojang, and lo and behold, we have creepers in the Borderlands. Just another day in a non-Euclidean universe.

6. Sam Fisher (and Snake) – Ghost Recon: Wildlands

There is lots of concrete evidence that Ubisoft games are all part of the same universe; much like the Tommy Westphall theory, but for games. For example, Sam Fisher, the protagonist of the Splinter Cell series, made a brief appearance in Ghost Recon: Wildlands for one mission. What’s even more interesting, though, is that Sam mentions a man whose description points to none other than MGS’s very own Snake. Many interpreted this as a farewell to Snake, as Kojima’s loss of control over the MGS franchise may very well spell the character’s end.

7. Dante – Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

SMT: Nocturne is a game by Atlas much like Persona. It has little to do with Devil May Cry. But someone stumbled upon the crazy idea that it would sell hella copies if Dante from DMC would appear in Nocturne, so they talked it over with Capcom, et voila, a meme is born!

8. Wesker, Marcus & Dom – Lost Planet 2

One’s no fun, two’s some, three’s yas? Lost Planet 2 has not one or two but three cameos from two different franchises: Marcus and Dom from Gears of War and Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. That about sums up the value for money, though, the game itself is a fairly forgettable TPS.

9. Leon & Claire – Trick ‘N’ Snowboarder

Leon and Claire from Resident Evil in a snowboarding game? Can you just imagine the lines? “Claire! Wait, wait! Man, why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me? I TOLD HER NOT TO TRY THE BLACK DIAMOND UNLESS SHE HAD ENOUGH EXPERIENCE!!!!!1 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

10. Noctis – Tekken 7

Well, well, if it isn’t Mister Softboi Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Apparently unsatisfied with killing monsters, evading empires and marrying princesses, he’s also been invited by the Tekken Tournament to fight! Like in FFXV, fight with your Engine Blade and Royal Arms. His character even comes with a detailed backstory to explain how he knows Lars.

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