Hole.io – One Of The Most Addictive Mobile Games

Hole.io is a newly launched game features “black holes” as the main characters that is meant to bring you brand new mobile gaming experience.


Hole.io is one of a kind!


In Hole.io, everyone can compete against other players in real-time PvP mode for high rankings. Hole.io’s gameplay is pretty simple. You become a “black hole” when you join in matches.


Getting started, you are only a small “black hole” and your objective is to move around, pull in everything smaller in terms of size to become bigger. You can “eliminate” other black holes by the same way to secure your ranking. It sounds a bit like the familiar Snake game, right?

There are 4 different game modes: Classic, Battle, Solo Run and Friends. Each mode gives quite different experiences so you might want to try them all. For example, in Friends mode, you use Bluetooth to connect and play with your friends nearby. You can change color of the outer rim of the black holes to make them look more distinctive.


Gameplay, Graphics

In and outside, Hole.io is very easy to understand and … get ADDICTED! So you can easily fall for the game after just one or two tries.

The developer has done a very good job creating a balanced casual game that everyone would love playing.

Hole.io is now available on iOS and Android. You can download it from here: Android/iOS.

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