Hello Games’ NEXT Trailer Signals A Triumphant Return For No Man’s Sky

Hello Games Unveils No Man’s Sky NEXT Trailer

Hello Games has released the very first trailer for No Man’s Sky NEXT as well as a chunk of new details surrounding what’s in store on July 24th. At the core of NEXT is multiplayer, as we’ve known for sometime now, but what truly stands out in both the trailer and an update on the No Man’s Sky web site, is a whole host of other features.

NEXT introduces a complete visual overhaul with reworked terrain generation, new atmospherics and weather, ship/NPC details, ringed planets and what seems to be a drastic enhancement of the flora. Taking into account No Man’s Sky procedural generation, this updated palette of assets should spit out some truly mesmerizing planets as players explore a spruced up galaxy.

Furthermore, No Man’s Sky can now be played in first and third person, both on the ground and aboard a ship. The improvements are unmissable in the trailer which takes viewers from an underwater base to a verdant paradise planet, then into space.

Base building has been altered to accommodate multiplayer with the ability to build anywhere instead of the contrived system of allocated spots on each planet. In addition, it seems underwater bases are now a thing. Hello Games have also significantly raised the base complexity limits and included hundreds of new building components and assets. Last, but not least, players can now own multiple bases instead of having to deconstruct and relocate their entire setup to a new location, which invariably turned into a tedious and time consuming endeavor.

Hello Games Unveils No Man’s Sky NEXT Trailer

As for multiplayer, Hello Games explains squads of friends can explore together, or alternatively link up with random players. The aim being to survive through either friendly benevolence or hunting down others, and take part in multiplayer missions. The trailer gives us a glimpse of player models and other than looking fantastic, they can be fully customized.

Finally, freighters are getting some love with the ability to assemble, upgrade, and command an entire fleet of frigates. The details are sparse surrounding how this will work, but Hello Games mention updated freighter base building, customization, and deployment to specific start systems.

Hello Games Unveils No Man’s Sky NEXT Trailer

Sean Murray rounds off his post, reiterating the developers commitment to No Man’s Sky, stating that NEXT ‘is an incredibly important update for us, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future’.

The trailer is a dense affair with lots to pick through for those well acquainted with the space faring splendor of No Man’s Sky. More importantly, it’s a resounding and triumphant victory for Hello Games as they continue to transform the game into what it was always destined to be.

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