All Vehicles There Are In PUBG

There are certain things in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) you should know by heart to play it well and information on vehicles is one of those. Vehicles would help you move around conveniently in PUBG, especially when the circle is closing.

1. Dacia

This is the second fastest vehicle in PUBG, just a bit slower than motorbike. You can reach maximum speed of 110km/h with Dacia. Dacia has slower acceleration when driving off-road compared to when driving on normal roads. It has 4 seats which is enough for a squad to hop on and go around. Dacia’s HP is 1820, equals a UAZ’s.

Dacia PUBG

2. UAZ

UAZ is as durable as Dacia but can only reach 90km/h. To make up for that, UAZ has higher acceleration to drive off road easily. You may prefer a Closed Top UAZ to a Open Top UAZ as that part of the vehicle may block some bullets for you while being attacked. UAZ is only available in Erangel map. It also has 4 seats.



3. Buggy

Just like its name, Buggy is quite small in terms of size. It has 2 seats, 1540 HP and can reach 100km/h. If you need to quickly get the the other side of a hill, use Buggy for its very high acceleration. Its down point is that it’s like an “open field” (check out how it looks like) so you may get hit easily while sitting on Buggy. Generally, Buggy is a good vehicle with many color variants.

Buggy PUBG

4. Motorbike

There are two types of motorbike in PUBG, two-wheel motorbike and sidecar motorbike. Motorbikes can carry up to 2 people and can reach the maximum speed of 130km/h. Though you can drive really fast with a motorbike, there’s nothing to cover and you may still get hit. And remember, don’t easily put your life in your buddy’s hand, who might be a careless driver.

Motorbike PUBG

5. Van/Minibus

This is a new vehicle which is first introduced in the new desert map. It has low speed and low acceleration as well. However, you can carry up to 6 people with it (okay this sounds a bit weird) and don’t have to worry much about getting hit while sitting on it.


Van Minibus PUBG

6. PG-117/Boat

This is 1 of the two water type vehicles in PUBG. A PG-117 can carry up to 5 people and has more HP (1520 HP) than a Aquarail’s. It may help you a lot in mid/late game but it comes with nothing to cover you from opponents’ bullets.

PG-117 Boat PUBG

7. Jetski/Aquarail

This is another water type vehicle and of course it has nothing much on it to cover around you too when you’re driving. It is a two-seater that can reach up to 82km/h. Apart from using it to avoid being left outside the circle, moving on water can be fun too.

Jetski Aquarail PUBG

Some tips for when you drive or being on these vehicles:

  • Don’t jump out of a moving vehicle if you don’t want to die or get hurt
  • You can shoot at a vehicle’s tire to disable it, especially you want to leave it behind (out of gas, broken, better to walk) for that other players can’t use it
  • You can destroy a vehicle by shoot at it for a while or drive it and aim at an obstacle at high speed
  • You can speed up a vehicle by holding Shift button but you will run out of gas faster than usual
  • While being on a boat, you can use boost items at ease
  • You would not want to use a vehicle when it’s very late game to avoid drawing your opponents’ attention
  • If you’re not the driver, you may lean outside to use your weapon
  • Switch between seats on a vehicle by pressing Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 or 4; 1 is driver’s seat
  • You might want to stop your vehicle completely and use it as your cover in a gun fight
  • You can die or get hurt if a vehicle run you over
  • You can honk the horn of a Van by using left click

Hope that the above information can help you at some point in your PUBG matches. GL HF!

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