Monster Hunter X Final Fantasy 14 Full Content Reveal


The full information for the Monster Hunter X Final Fantasy 14 collab was just announced via an official press release from Square Enix. The collaboration on the Final Fantasy 14 side, first announced last month during E3, will feature Monster Hunter World’s Rathalos making his way into the game as a trial boss. Here’s the complete content that players can look forward to when the crossover event starts August 7.


Trial: “The Great Hunt”

Final Fantasy XIV players who have completed Stormblood’s main scenario quests and have reached level 70 will be able to battle Rathalos in a new trial, “The Great Hunt.” There will be both a normal and extreme mode for this fight. The former requires a party of 8 while the latter is restricted to 4 players.


Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy

Players who complete the trial can earn several different unique rewards. These include the following items:


1. A Rathalos inspired armor set.

Final Fantasy 14

2. A Mini-Rathalos mount.

Rathalos FF14

3. Two minions: Poogie and Palico

Poogie FF14 Palico FF14

4. A new furnishing: BBQ Spitfire


In addition to the Monster Hunter World collab content, the new patch will also include the following updates:

1. New Main Scenario Quests

2. New Sidequests – The Four Lords and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures

3. New Dungeons – The Burn and Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)

4. New Trial – Suzaku

5. New Raid – Omega: Alphascape

6. Updates to jobs, PVP, Battle System, Eureka, Gathering and Crafting, Grand Companies, Housing, The Gold Saucer, and more.

For more on the Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, check out the official Square Enix page right here. There’s also a new collaboration trailer that was released the other day on YouTube which you can find below.


All images courtesy of Square Enix and Capcom.

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