Wrecking Ball Hammond Skins, Emotes, Highlights, And Golden Gun

As most Overwatch fans already know, the game’s next hero, Hammond AKA “Wrecking Ball”, is a big hamster who pilots an even bigger weaponized hamster ball. The 28th hero’s complete set of skins, emotes, highlights, and golden gun have just become available on the PTR. Here’s a glimpse of some his unique looks.


1. Repairs

2. Sumo

3. Cheer

4. Laugh

5. Lounge


1. Touchdown

2. Running

3. Popup


1. Smoke Wrecking Ball

Smoke Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

2. Potassium Wrecking Ball

Potassium Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

3. Lithium Wrecking Ball

Lithium Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

4. Chloride Wrecking Ball

Chloride Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

5. Biohazard Wrecking Ball

Biohazard Wrecking Ball Hamond SKin

6. Wooden Ball Wrecking Ball

Wooden Ball Wrecking Ball Hamond Skin

7. Horizon Wrecking Ball 

Horizon Wrecking Ball

8. Junker Wrecking Ball 

Junker Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

9. Lunar Wrecking Ball

Lunar Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

10. Mayham Wrecking Ball 

Mayham Wrecking Ball Hammond Skin

Victory Poses

1. Swing

Hammond Pose

2. Peace

Hammond Pose

3. On Top

Hammond Pose

4. Lounge

Hammond Pose

Golden Gun

Hammond Golden Gun

While a lot of players probably haven’t tested him out yet on PTR, there’s one thing we can tell for sure just by these graphics – Hammond’s a hero with a lot of flavor. All of these skins and emotes do a great job giving the character some distinctive flair!


All images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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