Top 10 Must-have Creatures In ARK: Survival Evolved [Part 1]

If you play ARK: Survival Evolved, questions like: Is it okay to move around with a T-Rex? Is a Carnotaurus safe? … would very likely pop up in your head once in a while.

So check out this article for things you want to know about the must-have dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved: taming difficulty, taming possibility, the dinosaur’s utility, …. It should be very useful, especially for ARK beginners.

1. Doedicurus

Doedicurus is a small dinosaur type, it’s about 1-2m high and 3-4m long. Doedicurus can collect Obsidian or Stone for you. You can use Doedicurus to transport too, it can move by rolling. A Doedicurus is capable of taking down walls also, like Pachy.

Thanks to its hard scale and defensive skill – turn into a round ball when its HP is down to less than 2/3, take much less damage, Doedicurus is very hard to kill. To knock out a Doedicurus, you should use Tranquilizer Arrows and aim at its head.


Doedicurus’s preferred food is vegetables. You can equip Doedicurus Saddle to a Doedicurus at Level 34 to ride it.

ARK: Survival Evolved Doedicurus

2. Therizinosaur

ARK: Survival Evolved Therizinosaur

Therizinosaur is in fact very familiar to ARK players as they have to fight Therizinosaurs early into the game. Therizinosaurs are very aggressive and tend to live near rivers or beaches. If they see you, it’s very likely that they will chase you down to every corner. Yet, Therizinosaur is very useful.

A Therizinosaur can collect fruits, hide, wood, thatch, meat, …. It has long claws and is capable of attacking continuously, suitable for small fights.

Save up narcotics/berries for when you encounter a Therizinosaur. You may also use Kibble (Megalosaurus Egg).

3. Argentavis

If you want to move around by flying then you should tame Argentavis. Argentavis has better vitality, health stats and attack range than that of Pteranodon – the more common bird.

Argentavis can carry other small creatures, move the knocked out creatures to another place for your needs.


Argentavis’s preferred kibble/food is Stego Egg or Raw Mutton. Argentavis is weak against headshots so keep aiming for its head when you are attempting to tame one. Bear Trap, Chain Bola can be used to immobilize Argentavis. You may find a lot of Argentavis northwest towards Frozen Tooth.

ARK: Survival Evolved Argentavis

4. Quetzal

Quetzal is the largest flying animal you can find on the island. If you can tame and equip a platform saddle to Quetzal, it will become your mobile airborne base.

Quetzal has very high carry weight. Not just having a base on Quetzal’s back, you can use Quetzal to transport medium-sized dinos like Ankylosaurus hoặc Doedicurus to the high mountains to mine. This is not a job that a Argentavis can do.

ARK: Survival Evolved Quetzal

It’s very hard to have a Quetzal under your control as Quetzals fly on the sky almost all the time, seldom stop and rest on the ground for the long period of time. So the most likely way for you is to ride Tapejara with your companions, then find and tame Quetzal in the sky with Tranq. Remember to bring a lot of T-Rex Egg or Raw Mutton with you too.

5. T-Rex

It’s not the largest but truly the deadliest creature of ARK: Survival Evolved. Why? Just because it’s the king of the dinosaurs.

T-Rex has high durability and excellent health stats in comparison to other creatures in ARK. The best way to tame a T-Rex is that you build a strong base, plan bear traps and keep shooting Tranq at it. Preferred kibble/food of T-Rex is Pulmonoscorpius Egg and Raw Mutton.



ARK: Survival Evolved T-Rex
How to craft Pulmonoscorpius Egg kibble


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