The 6 Most Popular Assault Rifles In Ring Of Elysium

Assault rifle is by far the most popular weapon in Ring of Elysium thanks to its high utility. You would not want to skip an assault rifle if you came across one. For more information about this weapon category and about specific guns that belong to it, let’s check out this article.

ROE Assault Rifle – M4A1

ROE Assault Rifle - M4A1

As M4A1 is the most popular gun among all assault rifles, we may say that M4A1 is the most popular gun in Ring of Elysium at the moment. Everything about the gun is balanced and good enough for all your needs: hit damage, firing speed, recoil recovery and shooting range. Without attachments, M4A1 is already so dangerous but M4A1 has various of attachment slots available. Like Vector, you can equip full attachments to M4A1. The gun uses 5.56mm ammo which is easy to find around the map.

ROE Assault Rifle – LVOA

ROE Assault Rifle - LVOA

LVOA has higher gun stability than that of M4A1 and in fact is the most stable assault rifle in Ring of Elysium. The other stats of LVOA is pretty much similar to M4A1’s.  The gun is harder to find than M4A1 but that doesn’t stop players from seeking one. With no attachment equipped to the both, LVOA is the better one but if both are with full attachements, they are quite alike in terms of performance. LVOA in Ring of Elysium is like SCAR-L of PUBG.

ROE Assault Rifle – AK47

ROE Assault Rifle - AK47

AK47 is the legendary assault rifle, one of the best weapons of all time. It is featured in a lot of shooting games, Ring of Elysium included. It uses 7.62mm ammo which is more powerful than 5.56mm. The gun’s down points are its high recoil and low firing speed. AK47 has less attachment slots than LVOA and M4A1. All this makes AK-47 a bit less compelling to beginners of Ring of Elysium.

ROE Assault Rifle – Groza

ROE Assault Rifle - Groza

Groza is an “upgraded AK-47” in some ways. Groza has higher firing speed than AK-47’s. Though it’s quite small in terms of size while being attacked in close range by a Groza, you might want to duck quickly to not get a bullet on your head. Much like AK-47, you can’t equip stock or grip to Groza. But still, the gun’s recoil is so high that you should find and equip a recoil reducer to it as soon as you get a Groza.

ROE Assault Rifle – AUG

ROE Assault Rifle - AUG

AUG can only be looted from Airdrops. This makes it a bit hard to get in every match. AUG is better than the above listed guns in terms of hit damage, stability, shooting range, firing speed. It’s not hard to understand why players would risk their lives to get to an airdrop to loot for AUG.

ROE Assault Rifle – SCAR-H

ROE Assault Rifle - SCAR-H

SCAR-H isn’t introduced to the game yet. It’s another “airdrop exclusive” gun. SCAR-H has the power of SCAR-L but it uses 7.62mm ammo. It can causes severe damage like AK-47 and Groza can. It’s not clear whether how many attachment slots available for SCAR-H but it’s very likely that it would be another highly anticipated gun.

Above are the most popular assault rifles in Ring of Elysium. Hope that you can find one that suits your playstyle.

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