Fortnite Llamas Lead To A Huge Internet Investigation

Over the weekend a Durr Burger was spotted in the Californian desert by a photographer. As soon as the pictures went up online, the internet does what the internet does best, running rampant. Fortnite fans immediately started looking for the meaning behind the burger only to find no information on anything. However, the absurd research has continued now that various Fortnite llamas have appeared all over the world.

So far, the llamas have been spotted in London, Barcelona, Warsaw, and Cologne. This has lead to a whole new investigation done by Reddit

, as they expect there to be an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) happening right now. An entire Reddit thread has already gone up with thousands of people participating in finding the hidden meaning behind it all. They are making maps, matching coordinates, digging through audio files, and most importantly, working as a team…somewhat.

It’s obviously extremely smart marketing by Epic Games. One way to get a community excited for your game is to lead them on a witch hunt to who knows what. Even as someone who is not all that into the investigating, I can still enjoy the random llamas showing up in cities as well as all the wild ideas that the community is coming up with. I think the llamas were just placed there to pretend like they came out of rifts, just like we see all kinds of strange items

appearing in Fortnite through these rifts.

However, if the internet has proven anything over the last few years, it is that they are extremely good at decyphering obnoxious information. One great example is how 4chan users discovered the location of a flag that Shia Lebeouf placed somewhere in the world with almost no information at all. I really hope that the Fortnite detectives can prove me wrong and find something fantastic hidden somewhere in the world.

If you want to be part of the action, make sure that you sort the Reddit thread by new so you will stay updated with the latest discoveries. You can also join the Game Detectives Discord if you really want to prove your worth in finding whatever Epic Games might or might not have hidden.

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