Land Your Best Headshots With Mosin Nagant In Ring Of Elysium

Sniper rifles seems to be always loved by players of games that feature shooting and of course Ring of Elysium players are among them. So in Ring of Elysium, which sniper rifle gun is favored the most? It’s Mosin Nagant, let’s check it out.

Mosin Nagant Ring Of Elysium

Mosin Nagant’s stats In Ring Of Elysium

As Tencent & Garena have not released much information about Ring of Elysium’s weapons, we too have very limited information on Mosin Nagant’s stats. But yes, here it is, everything we know about Mosin Nagant at the moment.

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Ammo Type: 7.62 mm
  • Ammo Per Mag: 5
  • Attachment Slot: 1
  • Firing Mode: Single
  • Shooting Range: Average

Notice: These are the tested information basing on the real gameplay with Mosin Nagant on Thailand version of Ring of Elysium, not official information from developer/publisher.

Mosin NagantLegBodyHead
Vest + Helmet Lv 13853100
Vest + Helmet Lv 23845100
Vest + Helmet Lv 3384485

Mosin Nagant’s attachments

Unlike the other sniper rifles of the game, Mosin Nagant only has 1 attachment slot: magazine. If you equip Extended Magazine for this slot of a Mosin Nagant, it will have 10 bullets in its magazine instead of 5. Extended Magazine is easy to find around the map except for the very distant areas.

Mosin Nagant with its only attachment: Extended Magazine

But don’t worry about Mosin Nagant having just 1 attachment slot as it already has a 4X Scope by default which is very useful.

Mosin Nagant’s usage


  • High hit damage
  • Has a 4X Scope by default


  • Low shooting speed
  • Low reload speed
  • It’s loud and easy to spot

It’s true that you can’t remove the default 4X Scope. This is quite a down point when you want to equip 8X Scope or G28, R700. So normally players use Mosin Nagant at a distance of around 400m. You can’t see very well through the scope outside of this and might end up wasting your bullets.


As you can see from the stats, Mosin Nagant would need up to 3 shots at anywhere on the target’s body to take him down. Helmet Level 1/2 shouldn’t be a concern of Mosin Nagant users. If the target uses Helmet Level 3, his HP would be dropped to 15 and his helmet may be missing somewhere.

Highlights featured Mosin Nagant

As its sound is so loud and easy to spot that if you don’t want to giveaway your position easily, make sure your shot is worth it. A headshot should be the best. You would want to switch to another gun to deal with the “once target” now coming for you if you miss the first shot.

Weapons to use with Mosin Nagant

Clearly Mosin Nagant is a sniper rifle that has Single firing mode, low shooting and reload speed, so it’s best to bring along a SMG or AR. You will need a SMG or AR to counter your opponents’ attacks in close or mid range.

Combo Mosin Nagant x MP5

Depends on your taste, you can choose any SMG (preferably MP5, Vector) or AR (preferably M4A1, Groza, LVOA, AK47) or maybe a shotgun if you like xD.

Or Mosin Nagant x AK47

Or… Mosin Nagant x R870!

Above are some tips on using Mosin Nagant in Ring of Elysium you might want to try. Hope that eventually they will bring you the No. 1s.

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