5 Things You Gotta Have To Be A Pro e-Sportsperson

Video game genres are multifarious and overlap with each other, but when looked at from a certain perspective, they really just boil down to two: single-player and multi-player. And like games in general, competitions are inevitable part and parcel of video game dynamics.

Today, video game tournaments are multi-million frenzy-fairs filled with gamers the world over trying to get a piece of the pie, so much so that a new term has been coined for the trend: e-Sports. It takes capital, both human and technological, to get to the top rung, and the latter is actually more important than the former, as like any online gamer can attest to you, being the quickest gun in the West don’t matter none when you’re on dial-up. Here’s five things we think every e-Sportsperson (and wannabes) should have:

1. A custom PC/laptop ($1.000-no upper limit)

It just don’t feel right if you’re getting into e-Sports without the proper equipment. It’s practically a basic requirement to have your own custom-built PC in order to play! Sadly, this is one of the spendiest things you’re gonna have to get, as you can’t exactly run into a TITAN Z selling for 20 bucks at a yard sale. But if you’re loaded (or are willing to see your credit score do the limbo), then by all means, go for it!

2. Custom jerseys ($10-100)

Like any self-respecting professional athlete, an e-Sportsperson must look sharp at all times. And what better way to do that than by wearing a custom jersey emblazoned with your team’s logo? And if you’re feeling Klingon enough, why not throw in some fake sponsors in there to intimidate the opposition?

Sponsored by Slug-o-Cola(TM)

3. LED-powered anything ($100-500)

Because aesthetic, savings account be damned!

4. Urban Dictionary: Gaming Edition (free with an Internet connection)

This is probably the only thing on the list you don’t need money to buy! Rather, you’ll automatically pick up command of the vast vocabulary of gaming as you play. Much like those language immersion programmes in high school, only you don’t need a passport, only an Internet connection. Cyka blyat. 

5. Gaming chair ($300-1500)

Apart from the usual suspect peripherals, a gaming chair is the one piece of equipment no self-respecting gamer can forget about. It adjusst. It fluff. But most importantly, it tuff.

*what the peck* 

Specifically designed for long periods of uninterrupted gaming, you can sleep on it if you’d like, and there’s even plans to design one that’s integrated with a toilet! (No doubt influenced by that Simpsons episode). Some high-end models even have integrated L. E. D. s. Oh yeah.


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