The Strongest Weapon Out Of 5 Types In Ring Of Elysium

Like in any other game that offers different types of weapons, Ring of Elysium (ROE) has 5 of them. Each of these types serves specific needs for you so you should know before putting them into use.

Knowing what type is good for should help you a lot in the “race to survive” in Ring of Elysium. It may requires quite some time for you to know every type well, not to mention every weapon there is of each type.

But we all must start somewhere right? So let’s get started with this list of the strongest out of five weapon types in the game: Pistols, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle.

Desert Eagle (Pistol)

Ring of Elysium Desert Eagle (Pistol)

Desert Eagle is the strongest handgun in Ring of Elysium which uses .50 ACP ammo type. .50 ACP is much more powerful than 9mm (used by Glock 17) and .45 ACP (used by USP). However, Desert Eagle is not that popular among the players due to its low firing speed and limited ammo per magazine (7). But anyway, it’s still a very powerful handgun and you may want to keep it as a backup option.

Origin-12 (Shotgun)

Ring of Elysium Origin-12 Shotgun

Origin-12 is a shotgun, but it can shoot rapidly! Like other shotguns, Origin-12 is a dangerous gun in close range as its hit damage is very high. Moreover, the gun has low recoil so you can maintain its stability while firing. There are also many attachments available to make it even more powerful. You may find Origin-12 and attachment for the gun almost around the map.

MP5 (Submachine Gun)

Ring of Elysium MP5 Submachine Gun

Of course a SMG would make it to this list. But which one is the strongest out of them all? It’s MP5, the SMG that uses 9mm ammo and has 30 bullets per magazine. MP5’s recoil is quite low, you don’t need a grip, a sight type attachment to use the gun efficiently. Easy to find ammo, high damage, low recoil, high firing speed, all that makes MP5 such a “beast”.

AUG (Assault Rifle)

Ring of Elysium AUG Assault Rifle

AUG is one of the latest additions to the assault rifle category of Ring of Elysium but it’s also the strongest one. Its stats is generally better than the other AUGs’. It’s hard to acquire an AUG as it can only be looted from Airdrops but it’s sure worth it.

VKS (Sniper Rifle)

Ring of Elysium VKS Sniper

VKS is another weapon you can only get from Airdrops in Ring of Elysium. It’s the only gun in the game at the moment capable of finishing off a target with a single bullet, even if he’s wearing Helmet Level 3/Vest Level 3.

With a combination of VKS + Scope X8 + Silencer, you would be able of killing a target from very far away without him or anyone else knowing anything. The ammo (.50 ACP) accompanied the gun in the airdop is so limited that you may want to pick some more near the Desert Eagles to be able to use VKS longer.

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