New PUBG War Event Mode Huntsmen And Marksmen

PUBG Corp. announced yesterday via an update on Steam, that a special event would be coming to the game for a limited period of time. The new event mode is called: “Huntsmen and Marksmen.” It pits 10 teams of 5 against each other in Sanhok with the only weapons immediately available being a shotgun and pistol. While the game forces players to start off going at it in close-ranged combat, every 110 seconds care packages arrive holding long-ranged weapons.

In this game mode, a knockdown gets you 1 point and a kill gets you 3 points. The first team to earn 200 points wins the game, and if after 15 minutes nobody has reached 200, the team with highest points wins . Unlike in the normal game, players who’ve been killed will respawn in planes that fly overhead once every 30 seconds. To make things even more intense, the map size is smaller and static. There also won’t be any vehicles or killer spectating.

PUBG War Mode

“Huntsmen and Marksmen” is a very interesting event in that the rules and parameters were created specifically to create a very intense, fast-paced war event. Action will be non-stop and teams will barely have any time to breathe as they go seeking kills while also running to claim care packages containing powerful weapons.

The idea sounds great on paper, though the execution already has some players complaining even though the event hasn’t even started. The comments section to the announcement has many players criticizing PUBG Corp. for the enormous 6.6 GB update that in addition to the new event, includes very little content aside from fixing the terrain collision bug in Sanhok that some players have been exploiting. Others would prefer that the company devote its resources to getting the game stable rather than releasing new content for a game plagued with performance issues.

Ultimately, we’ll find out soon if “Huntsmen and Marksmen” is as fun as it sounds, or whether instability and bugs turn this event into an epic fiasco. The action starts at 7PM PDT July 5th. If you live in Asia, that’s actually July 6th sometime in the morning depending upon your local time zone.


Featured Image Credits: GamersForGiving

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