Pokémon Quest Makes $3 Million During The First Week Of Launch

Nintendo is making bank with their new mobile game Pokémon Quest. The game is free to play but contains in-game microtransactions. Through these transactions, Nintendo has already made 3 million dollars in the first 7 days since the app’s launch, according to data collection website SensorTower.

The new app was announced last May at a Nintendo press conference in Tokyo where they released a whole bunch of new Pokémon information. In the app, you collect the 151 original Pokémon although the game’s art style makes all the Pokémon look like cubes. In the game, you create a team of 3 of your favorite (or strongest) Pokémon and battle through various stages. All stages end with a boss and at the end of a “world”, you will fight a larger final boss.

The game is quite simple in terms of gameplay as your group of three Pokémon will walk around by themselves, often looking for new enemies. Once they have entered a fight all you have to do is to press the attacks that they will use while occasionally using the dodge. If this is still too interactive for you worry not, there is even an autoplay mode where your Pokémon do literally everything for you. You just watch them.

Despite not having the most interesting gameplay in the world, the game has certainly grabbed the attention of many Pokémon fans, as it has been downloaded over 3.5 million times since it went live. Most of the revenue made from the game comes from Japan (unsurprisingly) followed closely by the United States (also unsurprising). I suspect that most money is made from the fact that players want to collect as many of the block Pokémon as possible. If you don’t spend money, the collection process can be quite slow as you constantly have to wait for curry to cook in order to get new Pokémon. Once you finally get new Pokémon there isn’t even any guarantee whether the Pokémon is strong or if it’s a Pokémon you like.

Despite the success of the game, I’m unsure if the game has any longevity. The gameplay is quite dull so I would expect it bores people quite quickly. I think the game will die out rather fast if Nintendo doesn’t make some interesting changes to the game, in contrast to Pokémon Go which has recently been on a massive surge due to Niantic’s great efforts.


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