Overwatch Fans Want Wrecking Ball To Be Officially Called Hammond

Recently Overwatch revealed the new adorable but wacky Hamster hero called Hammond. Or was it Wrecking Ball? A debate has sparked among Overwatch fans on whether the hero should be named Hammond or if he should be named Wrecking Ball.

A lot of the Overwatch fans agree that the name Wrecking Ball is rather boring compared to the other hero names. A Reddit user by the name of u/d3fin3d put it nicely when he said “Put simply: Wrecking Ball is generic and uninspired; like a WIP name with no real charisma or individuality. It would be like naming Bastion ‘Tank’, D.Va ‘Mech’ or Zenyatta ‘Robot’.” A lot of people agree with this sentiment, someone has even started a petition to show how many people dislike Wrecking Ball as the official name.

Many people, myself included, are also calling him Hammond instead of calling him by his official name. Personally, I think it feels much more natural to say Hammond instead of Wrecking Ball. Hammond is much easier to say and flows much better. I think it also has a lot more personality than the name Wrecking Ball. I think a lot of people in voice coms will just start calling him Hammond or Hamster as Wrecking Ball is too much of a mouthful to blurt out during heated battles.

On the other side of the argument, there are people who think the name Wrecking Ball should stay. They say that Hammond used the name Wrecking Ball to compete in the Junkertown Arena which of course is a much more gladiatorial name than Hammond. Wrecking ball also clearly defines what the hero will do in the game, nobody can argue with that. It’s clearly the designers’ intended name given the lore of the hero and what he provides in battle.

Now I don’t think anybody is going to delete the game over the name of a single hero but I feel Blizzard should take a look at it when so many players feel unsatisfied with the official name. I understand that they want the mech to have a cool name from the time he was competing in the Junkertown Arena but Wrecking Ball just doesn’t cut it in my opinion. The other mech hero in the game is called D.Va which has so much more personality and flair. I doubt anything will change prior to release but it’s an interesting point for discussion.

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