Bandai Namco Unveils Three New Fighters For Jump Force

Jump Force Bleach

“Jump Force,” the game pitting some of the most popular Shonen Jump characters in a 3 on 3 fighting game, has just revealed some exciting news. First announced at E3 last month, its developer Bandai Namco, has stated in a recent press release that three fighters from the series “Bleach” will be joining the fray.

Bleach was one of the most popular Shonen Jump comics years ago, winning the prestigious Shogakukan Award for best manga for boys in 2005. The series’ titular protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki will be featured as one of the three characters in Jump Force, as well as his friend Rukia, and the primary antagonist of the first half of ths series, Aizen. Pictures of the Ichigo and Rukia character models were uploaded to the official Bandai Namco Facebook page just a few hours ago.

Jump Force Bleach

Jump Force Bleach

They will join Jump Force’s already extensive line up of characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Death Note, and Naruto to do battle in real world locations. Speaking of real world locales, screen caps from a new Hong Kong stage were also uploaded to Facebook as well. Check out the post below.

Every bit of news that’s been coming out for this game makes it look even better. Jump Force has all the ingredients necessary to make a great fighter: an epic cast of characters, beautifully rendered real world stages, and pretty decent looking gameplay from what we can tell from Kotaku’s E3 demo video. While the wait is lengthy, as the expected release date is sometime in 2019, this is definitely a title to keep your eyes on!

We’ll be sure to keep updating you with any new developments. Stay tuned!


Featured Image Credits: Gematsu

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