100 Thieves Claims Meteos Requested To Be Traded

Professional League fans were completely shocked yesterday by one of the weirdest trades in LCS history. Meteos claimed in a Tweet that he just heard he was being traded to Flyquest which sparked an outrage among fans. However, 100 Thieves has shared their side of the story which claims that Meteos was the one that requested the trade in the first place.

According to the update from 100 Thieves, Meteos requested permission to talk to other teams in order for a roster move to happen. The team states that they have been dealing with a lack of chemistry between the players. The staff, Meteos and the other team members all set down and decided that a roster move might the best way to move the team forward.

Additionally, 100 Thieves claims that they did a lot of research within the LCS and talked with a lot of trading partners. They ultimately settled for Flyquest as they believed the trade to be beneficial for both parties, as well as for Meteos. Flyquest said that Meteos would be given a chance to compete for a spot on the starting roster. Meteos has also talked with Flyquest prior to the trade and afterward decided to share his thoughts on social media.

Screenshot of the deleted Tweet

This story is pretty different from the Tweet that Meteos send out. His Tweet made it seem that he was traded with no prior awareness, to a team that didn’t have a spot for him. Like with most stories, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Meteos’ Tweet was a lot more malicious sounding than it had to be. He was the one who requested the trade in the first place, according to 100 Thieves, which means that he should have known he might not be on a starting roster, especially since the summer season is only 3 weeks in.

On the other side, 100 Thieves story is not entirely believable either. Trading Meteos for Anda is an extremely bad trade if you only look at the skill difference between the two. They most likely wanted to stir up the roster as quickly as possible which is why they traded Meteos for Anda. I also think that not a lot of teams wanted to trade in the first place since the season has just started and most roster are locked in. It feels like Anda was the only available option for 100 Thieves so they just went with it.

We will most likely never get the full story but it’s important to remember that there are always two sides to the same coin. All we know for now is that 100 Thieves will start next week with Anda as the jungler and that Meteos is unsure of how to move forward.

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