7 Japanese Games That Are Just Quintessentially.. Japanese

Japanese games are just… weird. The country is known for producing media that just downright take refuge in their audacity, and shock value actually usually forms part and parcel of their marketing strategy! Here’s a list of 7 Japanese games that are just quintessentially… Japanese.

1. Incredible Crisis

Good morning, [your name]. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make sure your grandmother Haruko has a happy birthday. Your obstacles: bombs on a train, a Dance Dance Revolution competition, assorted UFOs,  a game show, skiing, and a giant, rampaging pink teddy bear. Yeah….

2. Muscle March

This Wii game’s plot revolves around you chasing down a mysterious person who’s stolen your… erm… muscle milk. In order to progress, you have to pose with your Wii nunchuk and copy the moves shown on-screen. Plus, the main menu has 6 bodybuilders and a bear. *brb, pitching idea for new sitcom to ABC*

3. I’m Sorry

Satirizing a scandal-bedeviled Japanese mayor, I’m Sorry has Pac-Man style gameplay with one notable exception: you’re allowed to attack your pursuers at any time. But the pursuers themselves range from Michael Jackson to Olympians to a comedian that can literally charm the clothes off of you! Japanese games in a nutshell.

4. Gal Gun

Gal Gun serves up the dream of teenage boys (and some girls too) on a silver platter: You, being hunted down at school by a bunch of hormone-addled teenage girls. How do you survive? By, er, shooting “pheromones” that calm them down! (Wut.) Interestingly, the game has kind of a kill switch for use when your parents come near; it turns the racy 3D graphics into a harmless 64-bit classic.

5. Toilet Kids

Take to the skies once more like Ace Combat, except your ammo is… deuces and farts! Disgusting? You don’t say? And don’t get me started on the bosses!

6. Mr. Moskeeto

From the people behind Goat Simulator (not really) comes yet another exciting title: Mosquito Simulator! (Sorry, Mr. Moskeeto.) Navigate challenging environments with your joystick as you roam looking for unsuspecting prey humans to feed on! Mwahahahaha! But don’t get swatted, or YOU’RE LOSER! (yep, that was a Big Rigs reference)

7. Japan World Cup 3

It’s a game (not really). About horses (and I use that term loosely). Made in Japan. ‘Nuff said (just watch the video!)


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