Summer Games Done Quick Raises Record $2.1 Million For Charity

Summer Games Done Quick has officially ended and after a week of skillful speedruns and entertaining failures they have broken yet another record. SGDQ has raised $2,122,529.20 for Doctors without Borders, which is the highest amount of money that SGDQ has raised so far.

Although it’s less than $200,000 shy of the amount that was raised during this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, it’s still a new record for the SGDQ as they have never raised over $2 million before. The money will go to Doctors without Borders, which is an organization that sends doctors to parts of the world where help is needed most, such as areas hit by natural disasters or civilian areas in war zones.


During the event, a total of 153 games were speedrun and especially indie games were on the rise this year. Games like Cuphead and Celeste are insanely difficult games with tight controls which makes them perfect for speedrunners. Besides this, a lot of the classics returned as well, such as The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, and Mega Man, that we see at almost every Games Done Quick events.  There was also a “weird block” on Thursday which featured a whole bunch of ridiculous games and silly speedrunners to shake up the event a bit.


The event is mostly a lighthearted affair. Although the speedrunners are some of the best speedrunners in the world, records are often not set at these types of events. It’s a bit more casual and although the speedrunners are obviously showing off their amazing skill they also have to entertain a crowd. The most entertaining speedruns during the event are often the ones where the runners are able to clearly explain what they’re doing while they fill in some boring parts with jokes and other amusing comments.

All the runs will eventually be uploaded to their official YouTube channel where you have a chance to rewatch some of the most interesting ones. Not all of them are on the channel as of yet, but they will all be uploaded eventually. Here are some recommendations from this event for if you have no idea where to start.

Tomb Raider in 1:13:56

Celeste Race in 36:26

Cuphead in 50:14
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