Legendary Hector Guide For Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest legendary banner features a new version of Hector. Much like his original version as well as his Valentine’s Day incarnation, he’s sporting a pretty great kit and a solid stat line. You definitely want to be investing some orbs into pulling yourself the new Hector. Here’s a closer look at his default skill set and my personal recommendation on his optimal one.

Legendary Hector

Hector FEH
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Base Stat Analysis

First off, Legendary Hector has an enormous total stat score of 174. If you manage to pull a +ATK one, this actually becomes 175 as he gets a super boon in this stat. As arena scoring is heavily influenced by stat totals, Hector is a great unit to use if you’re having trouble reaching the higher arena tiers. Here are his stats when fully leveled when equipped with his weapon.

Low 44 53 20 38 22
Middle 47 56 23 41 26
High 50 60 26 44 29

His best boons are ATK and DEF in that order. As mentioned earlier, he gets a super boon to ATK which helps him reach a monstrous 60 ATK which is among the highest of all units currently in the game. A DEF boon puts him at 44 DEF which not only helps improve his overall physical bulk, but increases the damage he deals from DEF scaling specials such as Ignis and Bonfire.

For banes, SPD is probably the ideal. His SPD is low enough where improving it won’t matter, unless you’re running a full armor team capable of boosting his SPD significantly. He gets a super bane in RES making it drop to 22 and decreasing his total stat score to 173. While still acceptable, if you’re not able to consistently reach the top tiers, SPD would be the preferred bane.

Base Skills

Legendary Hector has a very solid base skill set that makes him more than serviceable as he is. His weapon, “Thunder Armads” grants him an extra +3 DEF and has an effect similar to Myrrh’s “Great Flame” in that if certain requirements are met, foes are not able to make a follow-up attack. In Hector’s case, he needs to have more allies within 2 spaces of himself than his opponent has. If running a full armor team, this shouldn’t be difficult considering armors tend to group up together.

His special is “Draconic Aura” which boosts ATK by 30% with a 3 turn charge time.

His passive skills are mostly defensive in nature. As with every single version of Hector so far, his Legendary version has the coveted “Distant Counter” skill in his A-slot, allowing him to make follow-up attacks against ranged units. His B-slot is “Vengeful Fighter” which is an upgraded version of “Quick Riposte” in that it provides a guaranteed follow-up attack if his HP is above 50%. In addition to this, Hector also gets a +1 special cooldown charge per attack. Finally, in his C-slot, he has a unique skill called “Ostia’s Pulse.” This skill speeds up his allies specials if their movement types are 2. This makes him a good armor candidate for mixed teams running flyers or infantry units.

Optimal Build

Legendary Hector’s optimal build utilizes a skillset that a lot of other armors are running in high arena tiers. The build turns him from being a defense power-house into more of a mixed-phase fighter that is capable of performing well regardless of the turn. 

The main skill that needs to be inherited is “Bold Fighter” which guarantees follow-up attacks regardless of the speed difference. Like “Vengeful Fighter,” this armor exclusive skill also provides an extra +1 special cooldown charge per attack. This skill gives Hector a strong player phase presence as now he can engage other units and launch 2 hits – even if his foes are significantly faster. Considering Hector’s enormous attack, very few units requiring extremely specific skill combinations would be able to survive his engage.

With the “Quick Riposte” seal, he is also guaranteed a follow-up attack in the enemy phase as well. By swapping his special for “Bonfire,” a 3 turn skill which scales with DEF, Hector is able to shoot off high-powered special attacks in both player and enemy phases.

His assist can be the movement skill of your choice. Either “Swap” or “Pivot” work extremely well with him.

Lastly, his C-skill can be changed depending on your team comp. As mentioned earlier, if running him in a mixed team, “Ostia’s Pulse” works extremely well. If running him in a full armor team, “Armor March” might be a more suitable alternative.

Should You Pull?

YES! Legendary Hector is without a doubt one of the strongest units in the game right now. His optimal skill build transforms him into a swiss army knife of sorts, allowing him to be a powerful presence in both player and enemy phases. If you’re free-to-play and are worried about not being able to pull enough multiples for mergers, he’s still worth summoning for because of his “Distant Counter” skill. Hector and his variants are the only units in the game with that skill.

The Legendary Banner also gives a boosted 5-star summon rate of 8% significantly increasing your odds of getting him compared to the normal 3% rate. While you run the risk of summoning a different green unit in your attempt to get Legendary Hector, the consolation prizes in this banner are incredible. The two other greens are Brave Ike and Myrrh. Brave Ike is a good unit in his own right, and his unique “Steady Breath” skill is one of the most coveted enemy phase abilities available. Myrrh is also an excellent prize and so far is the only unit in the game that has “Hone Dragons.”

If you’ve been stock piling orbs, there hasn’t been a better chance to use them in a very long time and there probably won’t be for the foreseeable future. Get to summoning and best of luck! May Legendary Hector grace you with his presence.


Featured Image Credits: NintendoEverything

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