Doom: The Golden Souls 2 Combines Mario And Doom In A Huge Game

Super Mario and Doom are probably not two franchises that most people would pair up, however, it’s very real. A Doom 2 mod has now come out where the entire world has been changed to the style of SNES Super Mario World and it looks absolutely fantastic. It might be an odd combination but it just works, see for yourself.

The mod is called Doom: The Golden Souls 2, and as the name implies, is the second time that this mod has been created for a Doom game. The original Doom: The Golden Souls

was released in 2014, and while fun, it has nothing on the new one. The mod was created by Andrea “Batandy” Gori together with dozens of contributors who were completely in love with the first iteration of the mod.

The trailer does an excellent job of showcasing what the mod is all about. The colorful graphics and cheerful music somehow go hand-in-hand with all the murderous action that’s taking place. However, the most impressive part of the mod is the sheer size of the thing. The mod has recreated and revamped a large number of levels that are connected by an overworld map. A lot of time mods can be considered as cosmetics or extras for your game, but this mod is almost an entire game by itself.


The mod maintains the classic Doom gameplay but all the levels have been altered to represent the Super Mario levels. In the overworld, you will also select the levels in the same overworld style map that Super Mario World for the SNES had. Even the checkpoints in the game are represented by the classic Super Mario flags. The enemies that you will be fighting in the game world are mostly enemies from Doom although a few enemies have been implemented from the Mario games such as the Piranha Plants.

To play the mod all you need is to download the mod, download the necessary mod loader called GZDoom, and you need to have a copy of Doom 2. If for whatever reason you’re not in possession of Doom 2 than fear not as it’s currently available through the Steam sale for the enormous price of $1. Now you’re all set and ready to murder some enemies in the cheerful lands of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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