Uncharted Director Amy Hennig Left EA, Star Wars Game On The Shelf

It can’t be overstated enough that EA’s Star Wars license has resulted in an absolute trainwreck. Battlefront 2 was probably the biggest disaster of 2017, and now it turns out that Amy Hennig, director of the Uncharted series, has left EA and her Star Wars game is put on the shelf.

A lot of Star Wars fans were excited for a single-player Uncharted style Star Wars adventure, but apparently, the game was deemed to linear by EA executives and the production of the game was changed to EA Vancouver. In an interview with Eurogamer

, Hennig told them that she had actually already left the studio in January although this was mostly kept quiet.

She explains that her departure from the company was on friendly terms and that she even considers the people on the executive team as her friends. She has started her own studio now and simply hasn’t had the time to properly announce that she had left the EA studio. When people would ask EA, the company would simply say that they were currently in negotiations. She said that it was time to “rip the band-aid off” so that everyone would know she’s currently not working for EA anymore.


As for the single-player Star Wars adventure itself, it’s probably not coming. The Vancouver studio will transform it into an open world style game, which according to Hennig means that it will be completely different from how she had first imagined it. She also said that she’s currently not working on any Star Wars related projects but would love to have another shot at the original idea she had.

For Star Wars fans this is another punch in the face by EA. The company gained the Star Wars license from Lucas-Arts in a multiyear agreement which meant that as long as the license was in place, EA would be the sole company that could create Star Wars games. It’s safe to say that so far, the license has mostly amounted to outrage on the internet. After the Battlefront 2 blunder last year there were some rumors about Disney revoking EA’s Star Wars license but that has never happened. It seems that a single-player Star Wars game is not coming anytime soon.

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