New Epic Fortnite Creation Is A Massive Pyramid

Fortnite Pyramid

A lot of the best things about Fortnite are the crazy things fans do both in-game and IRL. I thought the fixing of Dusty Depot by Muselk last month was amazing, but now I think it’s coolness level has dropped a bit. Why? Well, that’s because there’s a new insane fan creation that has raised the bar for the best things ever built in the game. Fortnite streamer Loserfruit

, led a coalition in building an enormous pyramid in Wailing Woods! A pyramid! The work of art is amazing. Check out the full video of their construction process below.

I love this one so much. In the end, the pyramid measured out to having a 32 x 32 base and height of 16 building segments. A truly massive undertaking!

It’s amazing how both Muselk and Loserfruit managed to build these works of art while still having to fight off a bunch of people that tried to undermine their construction plans. What kind of person attempts to stop an artist from completing a masterpiece? If I saw a group of people obviously trying to build something of this magnitude, I’d definitely just join in on the fun. It’s not every day you make Fortnite history you know? Well to be honest, Loserfruit seems to be able to do it fairly often. Like Muselk, she also managed to complete her own attempt at filling in the crater at Dusty Depot


I can’t wait to see what the next epic creation is in Fortnite. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: the Fortnite community is one of the best things about this game.


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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