Overwatch Gets Update Allowing Players To Honor Teammates

Earlier this month, we covered some of the huge changes that Symmetra would be getting to her kit along with a ton of other new updates that Blizzard was planning for Overwatch. The patch has finally arrived and quite a few new features have been introduced to the game. One of the biggest ones is the ability to “endorse” other players for being the type of player you’d want to have in your group. You can endorse players with one of three options: sportsman-like conduct

teamwork, or great shot-calling.

Overwatch Endorsements
Image Source: YouTube

So far, it seems they’ve pretty much just borrowed a move right out of Riot’s playbook with League of Legend’s “honor” system, but maybe Blizzard will tweak it a bit later to give it a more unique spin. Right now the only thing that is somewhat different is that it gives you the ability to also endorse players on the opposing team.

Overwatch Endorsements 2
Image Source: YouTube

This used to be something you could do on League of Legends, but for some odd reason, they removed it. I’m not really sure what the reasoning was behind this decision because honestly it doesn’t make much sense to me. Sometimes people on the opposing team are better mannered than your own teammates.


Ultimately, I’m hoping Blizzard can come up with a deeper system that rewards players for good behavior with something better than a simple loading screen flair. The LoL “progression system” with different levels of honor is a bit of a joke. The rewards are not clear and do not scale as you obtain higher levels of honor – there’s practically no incentive to being a good player. From my perspective, strong incentivization might be the only way to get people to not be trolls.

If you’re interested in seeing a quick summary of all the changes in this new Overwatch patch, check out their official release video below.

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