League Of Legends Gold Funneling Strat Is Here To Stay

Anyone that has played League of Legends for the past few weeks, or has watched any professional game at all, will know what a pain the gold funneling strategy is. Riot has expressed their concerns with the strategy and said that they would tone it down a notch. After the new patch, it seems more like they wanted to tone down Master Yi rather than the entire strategy.

As most League players know, the strat is focused around funneling most of the gold to a single designated carry. The comp first started appearing in Korean solo queue with a Master Yi in the jungle, Taric in the mid lane and preferably Morgana as a support. Since Riot has decided to change up the entire, the strat has become more popular than ever.


Riot has tried to “nerf” this strategy by nerfing three specific champions. Master Yi has received a nerf to his waveclear which will probably mean he is completely gone from this strategy. The waveclear is essential to farming the jungle quickly as well as shoving out waves to the tower. Now that his waveclear is slower he won’t be able to push as hard in lane or clear as fast in the jungle, meaning that enemy mid laners have more time to push the minion wave into the tower.

Two of the most popular supports for this strategy were also nerfed. Taric’s dazzle

ability received a nerf to its base damage but a buff to its armor ratio. This means that in the early game the ability is weaker but late game it’s stronger. He has also received a nerf to his ultimate cooldown so he needs to think more wisely about when to use it. Nunu’s early game was also nerfed. His blood boil was changed to provide fewer stat buffs early on but more the longer the game goes on. The changes to both champions mean that their early games are weaker but their late games will be stronger. This means that they require more gold and are thus less viable for the gold funneling strategy.

However, while this means that some champions will be removed from the gold funneling strategy, the strategy as a whole will remain in the game. We have already seen both Kai’sa and Lucian as successful replacements for Master Yi in the LCS and even supports like Nunu and Taric can be replaced by champions like Braum. Master Yi might be gone, but new champions will rise as designated gold funneling champs. The strat is clearly here to stay so better get used it.

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