Grand Theft Auto V DLC Will Reintroduce Nightclubs With Real DJs

Rockstar has surprisingly announced another DLC for their bestselling hit Grand Theft Auto V. The game has already been out for over 4 years but has been one of the most financially successful games of all time. The game still remains as one of the most sold games on Steam and part of the reason why it’s still so successful is that Rockstar is still adding new content to the game.


Although new updates haven’t been as big or as frequent compared to 2 years ago, this is not that surprising as Rockstar probably has the majority of the team working on Red Dead Redemption 2, which will already come in October. However, the Nightclub update still brings a whole slew of new and returning features that fans of the series have been waiting for.

The nightclub features were first introduced in an expansion for Grand Theft Auto IV where players could work as a bouncer and right-hand man for the infamous Gay Tony. This newly introduced featured was missing from the GTA V release although nightclubs were in the game, but purely aesthetically. You weren’t really able to go inside either although this didn’t stop some curious people who managed to hack themselves inside the nightclubs and found nothing. Since nightclubs weren’t part of the game there was no need for Rockstar to finish the interior so there was hardly anything there.


Now that nightclubs are returning, they’re introducing a whole bunch of cool new ideas for the players. This time players will be able to manage their own clubs will be able to put them in different venues, such as actual club venues or abandoned warehouses. You will be able to manage your own nightclub and make it the most successful nightclub in Los Santos, while also using it as a base for any shady side business you have to conduct.

The nightclubs DLC will also feature some real DJs, such as Solomun, Tale of Us, Nixon and The Black Madonna. This is very exciting for people out there who are into the clubbing scene as the nightclubs will most likely feature actual good clubbing music, and not some phony made up clubbing music we see in most games. The update is planned to be released in July with no exact date given.

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