Riot Games Is The First Channel To Surpass 1 Billion Views On Twitch

During the LCS matches yesterday, Riot games were the first to reach the insane milestone of 1 billion views. League of Legends has always been one of the most watched games on Twitch. Especially during the LCS and international competitions, so it does not come as a surprise that they would be the first to reach such a number but it’s still an unfathomable amount of views.

They reached the milestone during the game between Optic Gaming and FlyQuest and threw in a quick ‘thank you’ to the viewers watching at the moment as they were already aware that they had surpassed 1 billion views. They were most likely closely watching all night long, waiting for the statistics to actually show 1 billion.


The account is the official Riot Games account through which they broadcast the European and American LCS matches as well as international events. Although the LCS brings them a steady stream of views every week, the international matches are where they score their most watched streams. Their most watched videos on Twitch are all on the Season 2 world championship.


Riot also used their official channel to broadcast the LCK in the past although this has since been taken over by OnGameNet (OGN). However, Riot has decided that it wants to return the broadcasting to their own channel with the announcement of League Park, which will be a new League of Legends studio in Korea.

Whether you’re a fan of the game or not, reaching 1 billion views is an almost insurmountable milestone that most Streamers probably won’t be able to reach. The Riot Games channel is purely able to reach such a number because they are consistently broadcasting games as an official company. Lots of League fans have expressed on Reddit that they don’t play the game anymore but still follow the professional scene.  Streamers sometimes get hundreds of thousands of viewers at the same time but often don’t have the longevity that an official broadcasting channel brings to the table. As long as League of Legends remains popular, the Riot Games channel will remain the biggest channel on Twitch.



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