Microsoft And Nintendo Team-up To Make Fun Of Sony

Since Fortnite came to the Switch this year at E3 there has been a hefty debate about cross-platform play. People were unhappy as Sony didn’t allow their users to use their Fortnite accounts on the Switch or even play together with people on other platforms. Now Microsoft and Nintendo have teamed up to take a jab at Sony for their ridiculous policy.


Most games that are currently immensely popular, like Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite, all support play across multiple platforms. People with a PlayStation would love to play with their friends that might own an Xbox. Who you get to play with shouldn’t be defined by the console that you bought. We’re not living in an age anymore where your favorite console determined to which group you belonged in school. It’s about time for PlayStation to update their oldfashioned policies.

The ad wasn’t designed to highlight any new game or function for crossplay. It was purely made to make fun of Sony and to show Microsoft and Nintendo’s support for cross-platform play. I think a lot of people can enjoy the video as most people agree that Sony’s crossplay policy is rather absurd. From a money perspective, Sony’s policy might make sense but you’re a company meant to entertain people, not bore them with obnoxious business policies.


Microsoft and Nintendo also decided to really rub it in with some effective Tweets. I think most gaming fans can agree that it’s refreshing to see two previously “rivaling” companies team-up and create something fun for everyone. Whether this ad will help sway Sony’s decision on cross-platform play… probably not, but it’s still fun regardless.

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