PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Issues Compensation For Wrongful Bans

PUBG Issues Compensation For False Bans

In an already troubled month for the battle royale title, PUBG has announced plans to compensate players who were wrongfully banned in the most recent wave of anti-cheat action. Last week, PUBG issued sweeping bans that inadvertently affected an unspecified number of innocent accounts. The people behind these accounts took to social media to voice their concern, prompting today’s news.

Affected players will receive a generous 20, 000 BP for the trouble caused. The sum should already be appearing on most accounts, though the compensation comes with one caveat; only players who logged into version on June 16 between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM PDT / 3:00 AM and 5:30 AM KST, and were incorrectly banned as a consequence of the fault in the ban detection process are eligible.

In a post on its website, PUBG goes on to apologize for the omission, stressing that it hopes the extra BP goes some way towards making up for the loss of play time. Promises of improvement to the detection methods were also voiced, asking players for their understanding when false positives may occur.

PUBG Issues Compensation For False Bans

PUBG is among the worst affected games when it comes to cheating, with certain servers affected by widespread problems, notably in China where the problem seems to be the most pronounced. There exists a veritable black market for hacks and cheats, with creators making a hefty profit from sales. In response, PUBG orchestrated a number of highly publicized bans to try to curb the issue.

To give an idea of how endemic cheating is, upwards of a couple of million accounts have been banned this year alone. More recently, it was reported that in April developer Bluehole had joined forces with authorities in China to track down hackers, leading to multiple arrests.

This month alone, PUBG has been embroiled in an ‘asset flip’ controversy, and it came to light the developer was suing Epic Games in Korea for allegedly copying the premise of PUBG with their very own widely popular Fortnite Battle Royale.

For the time being, PUBG has a way to go before its anti-cheat methods are truly efficient, though a quickly overturned erroneous ban is much more palatable than game after game plagued by cheaters. That chicken dinner doesn’t come easily with everyone on a level playing ground, let alone with aim-bot and wall hacks to contend with.

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