Steam Summer Sale Will Be Live In 24 Hours

The long-anticipated Steam summer sale will most likely start in less than 24 hours. This info has come out by courtesy of the Steam Database Twitter account. While not 100% confirmed the account is reliable in providing and leaking information on Steam.

As far as we can tell there is nothing fake about the leak. It would make sense for the Steam summer sale to start any time now as the summer sale often starts around this time. Last year it started on June 22 whereas in 2016 it started on June 23. There is also the fact that earlier this week the Steam Database Twitter account discovered some mysterious cards

that went up on Steam. These cards will probably have some sort of function during the sale although right now that is unknown. On May 8 the Twitter account had already foretold that the Steam sale would start this month.

The Steam summer sales are the biggest sales of them all and often run for about 2 weeks. Expect to watch lots of game queues prepared for you as well as numerous card collecting activities. That is beside the thousands of games on sale of course.  We hope you worked extra this month because your wallet is gonna take a hit real soon.

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