PUBG Surpasses 400 Million Player Milestone


In an announcement on Steam, PUBG Corp. announced that it has reached several enormous milestones. The game has sold over 50 million copies as well as surpassing over 400 million registered players worldwide! In addition to this, they revealed that PUBG hits an average of 87 million players logging in daily. These are incredible numbers for a game that has only been available officially for 6 months. The growth of the game has been shattering the numbers pushed up by any other major gaming title.

Image Source: Steam

For comparisons sake, let’s look at some of the numbers that Overwatch achieved in a similar time period. Blizzard announced in January 2017, just 8 months after its release, that Overwatch had reached 25 million players. That’s a whopping 375 million player difference!

When you consider the huge amount of battle-royale type games that have risen in response to PUBG’s popularity, such as Fortnite or Real Royale, it’s amazing that PUBG has managed to hold such a firm grip on their player base. What’s even more impressive is that they’ve done so while “falling short” for a long time in fixing performance issues and other gameplay problems.

It seems like despite PUBG Corp.’s growing pains, existing players are sticking with the game and new players continue to join the fray. With their reaching of 50 million copies sold, the company is for the very first time putting the game on sale! From now until July 5th, you can pick up PUBG off of Steam for only $19.99 USD which translates to roughly a 33% discount. If you’re not already playing PUBG and are thinking about getting into it, now would probably be the best time to add it to your Steam collection.


Featured Image Credits: PUBG Corp.


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