Official World Of Warcraft Classic To Launch On Patch 1.12

World of Warcraft Classic

Ever since Blizzard announced during last year’s Blizz Con event that they were working on bringing players a vanilla WoW experience titled “World Of Warcraft Classic,” they’ve been pretty tight-lipped about the project. Players hoping to hear more info about the project finally got a big update regarding what patch this version of WoW would play at. According to an official announcement, the game will run on patch 1.12: Drums of War


Given this information, there’s actually a lot of content difference between this version and the release version. Patch 1.12 came out nearly 2 years after the first 1.0 version came out and includes a significant number of added features that gamers playing the more recent WoW incarnations are already used to such as objective-based world PvP and cross-realm battlegrounds. According to Dev Watercooler, the content added to the game by 1.12 “represents the most complete version of the classic experience.”

Having played since the original vanilla WoW days, I think it’s a wise decision to start at 1.12. Some of the earlier patches had a much less streamlined gameplay experience and the inconsistency was very noticeable. Though in my honest opinion, I felt that the Burning Crusade was one of the best times to play the game as it brought sizeable improvements to balance and game pacing. These changes, such as the addition of Draenei shamans and Blood Elf paladins did not exist in the 1.12 version and it’s still up in the air whether or not Blizzard decides to incorporate them in some way to the release of their WoW Classic.


Like many who reminisce of the vanilla WoW and BC days, I’m glad that Blizzard is recognizing that many fans prefer older versions of the game rather than it’s current incarnation. I’m really looking forward to see what the future has in store for WoW Classic and hope that it’s successful. Who knows, maybe if it does really well, Blizzard might consider bringing my absolute favorite version of WoW, “The Burning Crusade,” back to life again.


Featured Image Courtesy Of Blizzard Entertainment

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