Pitches and Football-Themed Challenge Hit Fortnite Honoring World Cup

Fortnite Embraces World Cup Spirit

Hot on the heels of this week’s launch of Fortnite on Switch, Epic Games has risen to the occasion and laced up its football boots in honor of the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The developer has added seven football pitches to the map, each in varying condition from the full-blown World Cup sized architectural homage to the beautiful game, to the dilapidated backyard jumpers-as-goal-posts type of setup.

Fortnite Embraces World Cup Spirit

The pitches are decked out with spectator stands, food retailers, actual footballs, and proper markings at the bigger stadiums. That’s not all, one of this week’s challenges requires players to score five goals at five of the aforementioned football pitches. Simply walk into the ball to kick it forward. Goal scoring triggers a colorful confetti celebration. To complete the challenge, the game must, however, go on as usual with players either winning or dying as they would normally.

The goals don’t need to be scored during the one same game, so don’t feel rushed to run from pitch to pitch in the hope that you won’t be murdered along the way. Score the requisite goals and get five battle stars for the trouble.

Seeing players mess about on the fields is a common sight in games these past few days, though an impromptu kickabout tends to descend into a murderous spree fairly sharpish so don’t stick around too long.

Fortnite Embraces World Cup Spirit

You can also grab yourself some suitably-celebratory Fortnite football skins and gear to deck out your character, such as themed axes, and complete kits with socks, jerseys, and boots. This week also includes other more standard challenges such as deal 250 damage with a pick axe, track down whether the treasure map in Pleasant Park leads to, and the like.

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