Telltale Games Partners Up With Netflix For A Stranger Things Game

Telltale games look to bring a game based on Stranger Things to the market. They have recently partnered up with Netflix, and while they don’t have anything to show for it yet, they have announced that a Stranger Things game will enter development although no details on the game have yet been given.

According to TechRadar, the game was originally meant to release alongside Stranger Things season 2 but had to be postponed for unknown reasons. The game will most likely be similar to the Telltale Game of Throne games, where the game will feature the characters from the show alongside some new original characters that the studio creates. The story will most likely be wholly original although we can’t be entirely sure of this yet.


Telltale games scored a huge hit in 2012 with the release of The Walking Dead which put players through a gutwrenching story with grueling choices to make. The game even managed to win Game of the Year 2012. After that, they had a few more commercially successful games but have been on a downward trajectory ever since. Recent releases are not even hitting 500,000 copies sold, which is truly devastating for a game studio.

Telltale’s Steam sales per game

Two of the main writers of the first Walking Dead game had decided to leave the studio which left quite the impact on further work. The stories were less exciting and your choices had no meaningful impact on the game. Worse news came when the studio decided to lay-off 90 staff members. Former employees of the studio claim the studio suffers from toxic management, constant over time, and creative block.


Telltale have also spread themselves too thin. Previously they would have a few projects going on and new episodes or stories would arrive in a timely manner. Nowadays they announce game after game but it takes forever for them to make them, let alone release new episodes.

The engine they are using severely outdated too and should receive a massive overhaul, their games still look the same as they did when the studio started. A game like Life is Strange has shown us that the Telltale formula can still work wonderfully, but that Telltale needs to put more effort in what they’re doing. The studio should hit a massive reset button and build itself from the ground up again.

With an IP such as Stranger Things you would say that it will be impossible to make a bad game, however, Telltale have proven otherwise in the past. If the game is successful this could bring Telltale Games back from the dead, if not, it’s probably the final nail in the coffin.

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