Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Everyone Is Here!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the main reveal during Nintendo’s E3 Direct and the entire video lasted for a good 25 minutes. Nintendo had decided that it would show every character that will be in the game, which is more than 60. The tagline for the game is “Everybody’s Here”.

Yes, they have brought back every single character that ever made an appearance in a Smash game. This included characters such as Pichu and Snake that made an appearance in only one game but also includes characters that were DLC for Super Smash Bros WiiU, such as Cloud and Ryu. The game’s roster will have over 60 characters, making it the biggest Super Smash Bros roster of all time.


The game has also introduced new characters called Echo fighters. These are Dark Pit, Lucina, and Daisy. Echo fighters are fighters that share the same roster number with another character as their fighting styles share lots of similarities. In Dark Pit’s case he shares it with normal Pit and in Daisy’s case, she shares it with Peach. This will also be the first time that Daisy is included in the game!

Two other new characters were also introduced. The first one is the Inkling, but this comes as no surprise. We already saw the Inkling in the first teaser for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and thus she was already confirmed to be in the game. Her moveset will features many weapons from Splatoon and the ink refill mechanic will also be in the game.


The latest addition to the roster will be Ridley. The evil pterodactyl dragon made a big splash as he killed Mega Man and Mario on screen, yikes. Ridley was a popular fan request so it’s good to see him in the game. The Smash Bros director, Masahiro Sakurai, has stated that listening to the fans was the priority of the game. That’s why they brought in Ridley and brought back every playable character that has ever existed in the game.

However, it seems that once again a beloved character was not included, our lovable meme machine Waluigi. Fans are already going wild on the internet demanding justice for Waluigi. After stating that listening to the fans played the most important part in creating this game, it’s quite shocking to see that one of the most heavily requested characters is still left in the dust. They did show him as an assist trophy in the trailer but he got quickly knocked off stage, which was just rubbing salt in our wounds. We demand justice for Waluigi.

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