LoL Guide: How To Counter Top Lane Riven

Riven is one of the most favorable champs in League of Legends (LoL).

With the newly released Pulsefire Riven skin, we are witnessing a surge in pick rate of this champ in both Normal and Ranked Solo Queue.

If Riven is not picked by you or in worst case, not even by your team, do you know how to fight Riven effectively?

Let’s find out how with this guide.

How To Counter Top Lane Riven

I. Riven’s overview

1. Pros

  • Fights with a style, visually stunning combos
  • High burst damage
  • Geared with crowd control abilities
  • High mobility
  • High possibility to carry the team

2. Cons

  • Hard to play, combos require high accuracy
  • Weak in laning phase, hard to counter snowballing
  • Weak against crowd control abilities

II. How to counter Riven

1. Riven’s counter champions

Top Lane Riven

Renekton is a top lane champ that’s strong against Riven in any case

At low level, without core items, Riven is considerably weak. But that does not apply to Renekton, the champ has good abilities to scare away his enemies even at low level.

Renekton’s Q – Cull the Meek is a good weapon to slowly lower Riven’s HP while also clear the enemy minion wave. Ruthless Predator (W)

stuns and deals 2 times the damage. With Slice and Dice (E), Renekton can deal a lot of damage and at the same time raises his mobility to dodge Riven’s combos. Furthermore, all of these abilities, when used with Renekton’s Fury would be even scarier for Riven.

In laning phase, as health regeneration is Riven’s weak point, she should find it’s hard to stay in lane constantly due to the pressure from Renekton. Even if Riven could do some counter attack on Renekton, the healing effect of Cull the Meek (Q) should give him the upper hand.

All Renekton’ve got to do is focus on Riven in laning phase, give her a hard time from the beginning, notify Jungler to call on Riven once in a while if needed, and zone her out in team fights.

Riven’s main source of damage comes from normal attacks that are buffed whenever she uses any of her ability so Jax could be a good counter with his Counter Strike (E).

You can priortize getting Counter Strike at Level 1 to actively go at Riven right from the start, put her in a disadvantage when she can’t farm minions.

In order to have the best attacks, Riven has to make use of both her normal attacks and abilities. But that’s not the case for Jax, Jax’s Relentless Assault (Passive) and Empower (W) allow him to deal a fair amount of damage continually.

Even at Level 6, Riven should still be afraid of Jax for his ultimate Grandmaster’s Might (bonus damage, armor and magic resist). With the bonuses from Grandmaster’s Might, Jax may just get offensive items and still be durable enough.


Use Counter Strike (E) timely and Riven’s attacks may become a lot less effective against Jax. You can use E again as a real counter attack and stun surrounding enemies and queue up Empower (W) plus Leap Strike (Q).

Another champ to counter not only Riven but also almost any other top lane champion is Malphite. Malphite is a tank champion and is famous for his very high armor, second highest in LoL and it should take his enemies a lot of time to burn his HP down.

Using Malphite’s Ground Slam (E) would reduce Riven’s attack speed dramatically and in turn effectively breaks her combos.

Both Seismic Shard (Q) – steal movement speed and Brutal Strikes (W) – increase armor are the types of abilities that could work well against Riven to downscale her impact.

Upon reaching Level 6, with Unstoppable Force (R) now available, try get  Sunfire Cape for Malphite and Riven’s time would be end in an instant. Malphite now can even solo kill her.

 2. Riven’s counter items and summoner spell

 Ninja Tabi – A fairly cheap item to get, to stand against Riven. Ninja Tabi gives you more armor to reduce damage taken from Riven. You should get this item early if Riven farms well in your lane

 Frozen Heart – Grants you 100 armor and an Aura to reduce Riven’s attack speed by 15%, hence, reduce damage from her

 Randuin’s Omen – Another item to counter Riven. It gives you a significant amount of Health and Armor and has both useful passive – reduce damage taken from critical strikes and active spell – reduce attacker’s attack speed to fight Riven

 Exhaust – Use this summoner spell to counter Riven’s high damaging combos

3. Counter Riven in gameplay

Use a lineup with a lot of crowd control abilities as Riven is weak against effects like knock down, airborne, silence, stun.

Request for ganks on Riven from your team’s Jungler to harass Riven early.

Pick champions with good health regeneration, tanky to go head-on with Riven as she has low health regeneration.

In team fights, save at least one crowd control ability and Exhaust for Riven.

Mind Riven’s Q + Flash combo by keep a safe distance if possible.

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