12 Most Tragic Deaths In Video Gaming History



Without exception, every instance of life on Earth ends. The same goes for fictional characters, especially in video games. After weeks of plot, getting you emotionally invested in them, they depart this vale of tears, leaving you feeling in the gutter and wanting to die as well. Here’s our top 12 tragic deaths in video games that’ll leave you (well they did for me) feeling as if you just lost a loved one:

1. Luis Sera – Resident Evil 4

In first place, Luis Sera from Resident Evil 4 has those boyish charms that can instantly swoon any one of us, gay or straight. Besides the honest-to-goodness pureness of his heart in helping Leon obtain the serum, his partnership with him leads one to believe they’ll be partners throughout the game. That fantasy crashes into an electric pole the second he’s stabbed in the heart by Saddler. What a tragic end for a man who deserves to be crowned Mister Congeniality.

2. Lee Everett – Walking Dead: Season One


Living in the middle of a zombie apocalypse logically entails encountering more losses that in real-life. And yet the emotional bluntness of each death is never in question. Especially when it is a loved one. For Clementine, Lee Everett has practically been her father ever since the outbreak. And then he gets the bite. And now, she is forced to end the suffering of the only person in the world she feels safe with. Fuck.


3. Auditore Family – Assassin’s Creed II

The Auditores’ deaths is quantifiably the most tragic ones in the franchise, but at the same time a necessary plot device. After Uberto Alberti betrays them, they are all hanged publicly, save for one: Ezio Auditore, the main character, who is now driven by revenge.

4. Henry & Sam – The Last of Us

Sweet baby Jesus, Naughty Dog. Like killing off Sarah wasn’t enough. While trying to get out of the city, Joel and Ellie encounter these two light-hearted brothers, and team up with them for the rest of the journey. But we can’t have any stability for Joel, now, can we? So of course, Sam is infected and Henry has to kill him. Then he kills himself out of guilt. Yaaaay.

5. Ethan Forrester – Game of Thrones: The Video Game

This is a no-brainer, since pulling a Game of Thrones is now synonymous with getting iced. And you just know that a tragedy’s in the making when the leadership of House Forrester passes to young Ethan. Spoiler alert: Ramsay Snow’s coming, and he’s looking very much pissed. What’s that in his hand? A dagger! Ooop, there goes another character. Dammit,  George R.R. Martin.

6. John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

John Marston is the textbook definition of tragic character. How could he not be? A lengthy redemption from his past criminal life earns him a reprieve with his wife and son, and yet only for so long, as they are deprived of him by dint of bandits gheraoing his house. At the very least, he died defending his home and family- a nobler cause is yet to be found.


7. The Boss – Metal Gear 3: Solid Snake Eater

“I regret that I only have but one life to give to my country”. Those words must’ve echoed in The Boss as he lay dying amongst the grandeur of blooming flowers, consoled by his friend, mentee and killer, Solid Snake. So that the enemy’s plans could crash and burn, he willingly gave up his life.

8. Jenny Romano – The Darkness

You play Jackie Estacado, a mob hitman who is driven to avenge his girlfriend Jenny’s death. Along the way, you descend into a Silent Hill-like world as the Darkness consumes him in his quest to kill Uncle Paulie (which sounds suspiciously similar to master stammerer Reginald Barclay on TNG :P)

9. Booker DeWitt – BioShock Infinite

Superhero and supervillain at the same time, Booker DeWitt needs to find a way to keep all the universes intact. And guess what the hell’s fucking them all up? Him! So that’s away with you. By drowning, no less. By your own daughter. Oooof. The universe(s) really hate your guts, dude.

10. Roach & Ghost – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Betrayal is a very common denominator of the people on this list, and this entry is no exception. Being shot by your commanding officer to tie up loose ends, that just downright sucks. But that’s exactly what happened to Ghost and Roach, two brave soldiers who respected the chain and command and got burnt alive for their troubles. Even worse, Roach is alive for a minute or two as he burns, watching his already dead comrade with a look that can only be described as haunting.

11. Aerith – Final Fantasy VII

Another stabbing. Blah blah Sephiroth, blah blah unjustified, blah blah blah Aerith = ded. *Yawn*

12. Wander – Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of Colossus is most brutal game, da. Is open with death, oh noes. Bring tissue and much vodka. Mono is deceased woman, and protagonist by name of Wander is of want makings the resurrect her. But first he must make glorious defeat of 16 Colossus! But then, he must of sacrificings of himself! And then little cute baby boy is born to newly reincarnate Mono, which may or may not be reincarnation of Wander. Does it make sense? No! Does it advance the plot? Yes! Then let it be so.

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