New Spiderman Gameplay Still Makes It Look Like A Fun Game

Spiderman is back with a new trailer and still looks like an absolute joy to play. The game was first teased 2 years ago, and we were shown some gameplay last year. This year it seems that they wanted to introduce us to some story aspects of the game and some villains that you will be fighting.

In the trailer, we see a big conflict emerge when one of Spidey’s villains, Electro, decides to invade a prison and free all the prisoners that Spiderman had locked up in the previous 5 years. It’s no surprise to see that a large number of random goons immediately tries to take out Spiderman but these ordinary thieves are obviously no match for him. They demonstrate a few moves that Spidey can use against these low tier enemies but it’s nothing too special.


When he starts advancing further through the prison we get to the real treat of the demo, with the introduction of multiple villains that will be in the game. The first villain we are introduced to is the classic Rhino. After this, we are also introduced to Scorpion and the Vulture, all the while Peter Parker is chasing Elektro.

We are shown a stunning chase scene where you need to make use of quick reflexes to evade incoming attacks and debris. If you look closely you can see that grappling points are marked with a small circle so that you know that you can use these for your spiderwebs. Whether you actually plummet into the water if you fail your timing is unsure.


The chase scene ends when Spiderman catches up to Elektro on a helicopter pad on the top of the prison. Here he realized that it was a trap as the Vulture, the Rhino and the Scorpion all arrive at the rooftop. Another villain arrives by helicopter too, Mr. Negative, who was already teased during last year’s gameplay trailer. The trailer ends with Spidey finding out who the culprit is behind the master plan, but we are not shown who this is.

There are a bunch of fan theories floating around on the internet already, the most interesting of which is probably the villain being Mysterio. For the uninitiated, Mysterio is a popular villain that once created illusions of all of Spiderman’s enemies. However, it wouldn’t make sense that they would all have to escape from prison if they were simply illusions anyway. Other popular ideas are the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus or Venom, although Venom might not really be the kind of villain to pull the strings behind the scenes.

Spiderman vs Mysterio’s illusions
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