Bethesda Unveils Next-Generation Sci-Fi RPG ‘Starfield’

Starfield Revealed

Bethesda rounded off a well-garnished E3 showcase with the reveal for Starfield, a open world single-player RPG space epic. Starfield is the first completely new IP in 25 years for Bethesda, whose seen huge success with established franchises Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

A short trailer depicts a space setting, with a slow pan moving from an arid looking planet to an orbiting vessel, possibly a satellite, that almost immediately enters warp speed and disappears. It’s all very non-committal and intriguing, but definitely confirms space ships will play a crucial role and raises questions as to whether travel to multiple solar systems will feature.


Bethesda director Todd Howard spoke briefly along side the trailer hinting at a release on the next generation of consoles, meaning the game is well off being completed. Though he also confirmed Starfield

had been in the conceptual phase for some time. We heard whispers of an unannounced large scale project fitting Starfield’s description as far back as E3 2016 so the game is a long time coming.

The announcement is bizarre is terms of Bethesda’s usual announcement habits; the studio tends to reveal a game then release it fairly shortly afterwards. In this case, we know the game isn’t imminent or even scheduled for next year, prompting confusion as to why Bethesda have already unveiled it.

Bethesda didn’t mention which platforms Starfield will run on, nor even an inkling of when to expect a release. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

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